ASX.TV: Enrique Metinides – “SERIES” (2011)

2011 Kominek Books, 24,5 x34,5 cm , 144 pages 100 images, color and b/w duotone. Series is an attempt to examine Enrique Metinides’ work from the perspective of cinematography, sequentially revealing facts that come together in a substantial way to form a common motif with continuity—thematic at least—between the various episodes of his oeuvre. This iconoclastic approach […]

ASX.TV: Maru Ituarte – “Mexican Gholash” (2003)

Mexican Ghoulash (2003) Single-channel video, 9’55, DVD, NTSC, color, sound This video has been edited out of a series of eight hi-8 tapes of anonymous origin found together in the streets of Monterrey, Mexico. The fast paced editing traces the symptomatic relationship between the ordinary existence of a middle class family in Mexico and the […]

ASX.TV: David Alvarado – “ALARMA!”

Santiago Stelley paso una semana con David Alvarado, fotógrafo de la noche de Alarma!, La revista mas representativa de la nota roja en México. David nos presentó a sus amigos fotógrafos, Valente, que trabaja para El Universal, Gustavo “LG” Hurtado de La Prensa (donde Enrique Metinides trabajó durante décadas), y Juan Carlos “Amarillo” Alarcón de […]

ASX.TV: Rancho Aparte – “Barrios, Beats and Blood” (2011)

Barrios Beats and Blood Drug war and hip hop in Ciudad Juárez A documentary film by Ioan Grillo and John Dickie Featuring Belzebú, Axer Kamikaze, Muser, Sock, Niser and Chronik Music by Street Ink Records and Next Level Records Selected in Morelia and San Diego Film Festivals.

ASX.TV: Maya Goded – “Mexico” (2011)

Photographer Maya Goded (Mexico City, 1967) creates subtle images of hidden or shunned communities. Her first project, Tierra Negra (1994), is a collection of moments from her three-year sojourn with Mexicans of African descent, a group whose contribution to Mexican identity is seldom acknowledged. Goded was then drawn to investigate female sexuality, prostitution, tenderness and […]

An Interview with Enrique Metinides: Death, Gore and Crying at Night

 “And so, the first picture I took was this one. [He shows me a picture of a police officer holding up a severed head.] He was murdered.” Interview with Enrique Metinides, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest By Daniel Hernandez I stood on the sidewalk on thunderous Avenida Revolución in the Escandon district of Mexico City […]

MAYA GODED: “Plaza de la Soledad” (Spanish)

Plaza de la Soledad By Josue Ramirez ¿Qué decir sobre el dolor, de la tristeza o la dureza plasmadas en estas fotografías de Maya Goded? Acaso decir “estética de la miseria” no es más que otro de los equívocos de nuestras maneras de nombrar el mundo, un error conceptual, una aberración designativa que evidencia nuestras […]