Martin Parr – ‘Photography is a Form of Therapy’ | TateShots (2017)

Martin Parr is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist and photobook collector. He is known for his photographic projects that take an intimate look at aspects of modern life, in particular documenting the social classes of England. In 2017 he opened the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, which aims to collect, celebrate and raise the status […]

Brad Feuerhelm: Photography Class of 2016?

“you think…”Well Sweetheart if you don’t want to hear this …Why the fuck are you here in the first place? Go forth and make your way towards the golden honey pot of money and museum exhibitions, you terrible fuck”. Don’t let me stop you or waste my time with your bullshit. Seriously”

An Interview with Thomas Sauvin: On Smoker’s Ettiquette and the Right to Nitrate

With Silvermine, is your determination to collect this material purely driven by geography? Or do you have a China fetish? Thomas Sauvin occupies a strange place in photography. His output is sincere, his knowledge of classic hiphop is un-fuckwittable, and his publications are highly coveted gems in the photographic book fetish world. That, and he […]

ASX.TV: Martin Parr – “Religion – ‘Black Country Stories'” (2013)

A slideshow providing an insight into the various places of worship, religious rituals, weddings and religious festivals throughout the Black Country. These audio slideshows were produced as part of The Space. The Space is a joint initiative by the BBC and the Arts Council to provide s new on-demand digital arts channel that will help transform […]

ASX.TV: Martin Parr – “Martin Parr on His Passions” (2012)

Martin Parr has worked on numerous photographic projects. He has an international reputation for innovative imagery, a unique approach to social documentaries, and has made a huge contribution to the photography culture in the UK and abroad. Martin is a full member of Magnum Photographic Corporation.

ASX.TV: Martin Parr – “What Would You Save? (2012)

A short video following Martin Parr on a trip to Vietnam for Oxfam GB exploring the impact of climate change. In this behind-the-scenes film, Parr meets residents of flood-hit Quang-Tri province and asks them to pose with the possessions they battled to save as their homes were unexpectedly hit by the floods.