ASX.TV: Cindy Sherman – “Nobody’s Here But Me” (1994)

New York based artist, Cindy Sherman, is famous for her photographs of women in which she is not only the photographer, but also the subject. She has contributed her own footage to the programme by recording her studio and herself at work with her Hi-8 video camera. It reveals a range of unexpected sources from […]

ASX.TV: Roger Ballen – “Dark Room, Roger Ballen’s printer – Dennis Da Silva” (2011) Selfportrait is a documentary film about the controversial photographer Roger Ballen. Born and bred in New York, he has lived in South Africa for nearly thirty years. The film sketches his development as photographer and, as a side-theme, the development of South Africa. ‘Selfportrait’ was filmed a few months after Ballen released his book […]

ASX.TV: William Christenberry – “inContext.TV” (2010)

Photographer, painter and sculptor William Christenberry works with personal and sometimes mythical themes grown out of his childhood experiences in Hale County, Alabama. Produced by: Sam Douglas and Jack Sanders Photographed by: Dutch Rall Edited by: Sam Douglas for iNCONTEXT.TV a production of KLRU Austin PBS Executive in charge of Prod: Phil Smith El Capitan: […]

ASX.TV: Florian Maier-Aichen “Infrared Landscapes”

Episode #108: Florian Maier-Aichen likens his use of infrared film to an in-between state, discussing photography’s role in picturing the American West and its ability to confound past and present. Alternately romantic, cerebral, and unearthly, Florian Maier-Aichen’s digitally altered photographs are closer to the realm of drawing and fiction than documentation. He embraces difficult techniques, […]

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Biographical Landscape” (Italy) (2010)

164 fotografie di Stephen Shore, classe 1947, sono allestite al museo di Roma in Trastevere fino al 25 aprile. Biographical Landscape è una passeggiata nei luoghi insoliti dell’America dell’ovest negli anni 70. Al centro dei suoi scatti più delle persone, i motel, i parcheggi e le loro storie, le strade sconnesse e quelle infinite, soggetti […]