The Blood Red Procession Marches On in the Third City of God

@ Juan Diego Valera There is the stretch of grain, the hint of digital noise, and the ocular insolence of a mouse being lost in the jaws of a snake’s culinary embrace.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, January 2015 The edifice is indeed colossal in the work of Juan Diego Valera. Diente De Chucho (Tooth Pooch) […]


Isabel Steva Hernández, “Colita”, was born in Barcelona in 1940. After finishing her pre-university studies she moved to Paris to study at the Sorbonne. On her return to Barcelona, she learned the photographer’s trade from Oriol Maspons, Julio Ubiña and Xavier Miserachs. In 1962 she worked on the film “Los Tarantos” and became friendly with […]

An Interview with Antonio Xoubanova (2013)

Interview with Antonio Xoubanova By Cristina Izquierdo, for ASX, August 2013 Antonio Xoubanova (Madrid, 1977) is a Spanish photographer author of Casa de Campo, a book published by Mack in 2012. “Someone was here, somebody did this. Stuff happens here”, Luis Lopez Navarro. Casa de Campo is a photographic fairy tale full of symbols based […]

An Interview with Cristina de Middel (2013)

“My work is more based on sequencing than in experiencing the aesthetics of the images so the book seems to be my perfect solution, plus, it is and object and the possibility of translating a concept or idea into something you can touch, smell, tear apart or archive makes it really interesting and complete.” Brad […]

Robert Frank – “Valencia 1952” (2012)

  ‘”There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment” – Robert Frank   REVIEW: Robert Frank – Valencia 1952 (2012) By Fanny Landstrom, ASX UK, April 2013 In 1952, the Swiss born photographer Robert Frank leaves his job and his then current habitat New York to travel with his family […]

Alberto García-Alix – “Self-portrait” (2013)

Un instant de silenci etern, 2010 Self-portrait, a unique exhibition dedicated entirely to García-Alix By Cristina Izquierdo Sastre, ASX Barcelona, March 2013 “A way of seeing is a way of being”, says  in the video From Where There is no return. And this is exactly what this exhibition is about. Through his camera, García-Alix (León, […]

An Interview with Sergio Leone (1987)

From Once Upon a Time in the West   It is this unmitigated violence that marks and unites both Leone’s and Tarantino’s work. Though when asked by a Time critic why his films were so violent, Leone simply pointed to a double-page color spread of a young black man being gunned down by police and […]

Andreas Gonzalez – “SOME(W)HERE” (2012)

SOME(W)HERE by Andreas Gonzalez By Paul Loomis Somewhere is a small book of 70 photographs culled from a decade of traveling the world. Its cover is simple, and its images are printed in careful color tones on high quality paper. The pictures read like a compendium of feelings and accidents that have accumulated over the […]

ASX.TV: Julián Barón – “Censura” (2011)

En ese gran circo que es la política, fotografía y censura se alían para manipular al pueblo a través del falso uso de la imagen como documento, utilizando a los grandes medios de comunicación para enmascarar de manera sutil pero constante aquellos aspectos que no responden a las pretensiones de los partidos, enturbiando y desfigurando […]

ASX.TV: Victor Garrido – “Vaqueiro” (2011)

“Mi nombre es Víctor Garrido. Desde pequeño he utilizado la palabra vaqueiro de manera despectiva, hace poco descubrí que mi apellido es vaqueiro …” “Vaqueiro” es el último trabajo fotográfico de Victor Garrido, donde trata de mostrar la realidad actual de un grupo diferenciado por sus costumbres dentro de la sociedad asturiana, entre la que […]

ASX.TV: Sergio Castañeira – “Ciudad Sur”

“No era una imagen ni un sonido: sólo un ritmo,que de vez en cuando pretendía ser ambas cosas. Únicamente entonces empecé a descubrir la ciudad, que hasta ese momento casi me había pasado inadvertida.” Peter Handke, “Carta breve para un largo adiós”.