Eugenie Shinkle

Eugénie Shinkle is a writer, photographer, and Reader in Photography at the University of Westminster in London.  Originally trained as a civil engineer, she went on to study photography, philosophy and art history at Concordia University in Montreal, and the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She writes on a range of topics including architecture, landscape, fashion [...]

Owen Campbell

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The Enemy Today: ‘Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men’

  For the authors Feuerhelm and Salu, theirs’ is an act of frustration at our willingness to sit back and be spoon-fed bullshit while behind us a cartoon mouse holds a gun to our head.   By Poppy Coles, June 2015 This book reads as an unrelenting portrait of “the enemy” today. Using the historic […]

Regina Anzenberger Gstettn, Bread And Flowers

  I’m going to start this review in a slightly off way by suggesting that the subject matter, no matter how expertly handled in the beautifully produced self-published set of books proposed by Regina Anzenberger is not my cup of tea. This will be a failed review as I cannot find the words to speak […]