Petra Collins – From The Monitor (2015)


BB Dakota sent Petra Collins, NYC based artist/curator, her close friends, Julia and Mayan, and her sister, Anna, on a roadtrip through the Deep South to explore and document the importance of dance as a means of creative expression for young girls across America. Petra is the founder and curator of The Ardorous, an online art collective showcasing work by emerging female artists. Shooting from the age of 15, her images are fueled with self-discovery and femininity, and explore the complex intersection of life as a young woman online and off. Collins’ images offer an unflinching honesty, exploring the privacies and publicities of growing up as a woman at a moment when female bodies are ubiquitously hyper- mediated by Photoshop and social media. This 5-part “On The Road” series takes a behind-the-scenes look at Petra’s process directing the “Making Space” documentary, as she and her crew dive into the local flavor of each city they pass through, from New Orleans to Death Valley.


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