Wolfgang Tillmans – “Wolfgang Tillmans” (German) (2013)

Since the late 1980s, Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968), the medium evolved as one of the most important artists of his generation to Photography crucial aspects and redefined as an art form. The art collection of North Rhine Westphalia is a long overdue survey of the work that includes previously never to be seen early drawings and other works from the late 1980s. His earliest works, photocopies of newspaper images and his own photographs, go back to experiments with one of the first digital black and white photocopiers. Pictures and photo sequences of his friends and of young people from the pop and club culture made ​​him a larger public. As the first from non-UK artist and photographer who lives in Berlin and London Tillmans was awarded in 2000 the prestigious British Turner Prize. Zur range of his artistic work include not only portraits, interiors, landscapes, sky shots and still life even his in the darkroom created without a camera lens abstract paintings, video works, installations, table, their own work, newspaper articles and selected materials to gather socio-political issues. Recently his first digitally recorded New World pictures were taken on his travels around the world. It combines Wolfgang Tillmans with his work next to a (material) always aesthetically pleasing also a fundamental interest in social and political issues. His work has not only a new language of photography developed, but also created its own form of presentation, which are its exhibitions on site-specific installations leave. He developed exhibition practice, the framed variety next unframed photographs, photo prints alongside photocopies, inkjet and laser printing format – fixed partly directly on the wall – arranges to complex as well as strictly linear wall installations, was to be like for later generations of artists as style icon unconventional approach to the medium of photography, which he questioned continuously adapting to new image options back and presented in exhibitions, artists’ books and magazines alike with the exhibition in the Art Collection of North Rhine-Westphalia, Wolfgang Tillmans offers an overview of his twenty-year work and responds with a precisely developed overall composition on a specific exhibition which stands on the former house of curator Isabelle Malt.

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Video: Ralph Goertz © IKS-media archive / art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia

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