ROSWELL ANGIER: “Sticky Floors and White Men Roars”


By Doug Rickard, for ASX

Stripper-stretch marks and desert-devil-dust… Mexican-Men with Tequila-Worm-Lust… jiggling breasts and White Men roars, sticky palms and sticky floors… booze-boars and bottle-breath, broken-teeth smiles and flailing-fist-death… curse and crawl, stumble and fall… warm wind blows through desert-window holes, pitiful views, coming in two’s… alcohol-slaves. Mad howls and nasty scowls, jukebox-caves, flesh-filled waves… lost-livin’ fuck’s, can’t be saved, drink some more, call ’em-a-whore… hear that roar.

This is photography.

To Roswell Angier and your gift. Thank you.




(All rights reserved. Text @ Doug Rickard, Images @ Roswell Angier and courtesy of Gitterman Gallery)

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