Wim Wenders: A Speech for James Nachtwey

War is a huge, infernal industry, the largest one on this planet. It seems presumptuous for one man to attempt to stand in the way of this machinery. Once war has broken out, everything spirals out of control almost immediately, turning even the armies and the soldiers who fight in it into helpless onlookers, victims of their own […]

ASX.TV: Don McCullin on ‘The Futility of War’ #TateShots

Don McCullin sees his photographs as a ‘silent protest against the futility of war’. In this TateShots he remembers the people and places of some of his most powerful work. Don McCullin is one of the most important war photographers of the 20th Century. His devastating images of conflict zones and the casualties of war […]

ASX.TV: Sophie Ristelhueber – ‘Fait’ #TateShots

TateShots talks to photographer Sophie Ristelhueber about her work ‘Fait’, on show as part of Tate Modern’s ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ exhibition. In the summer of 1991, six months after the first Gulf War, Sophie Ristelhueber travelled to Kuwait and became obsessed by the traces the war left in the desert. In her artwork ‘Fait’ she […]

Knowledge of Nazi Terror Fueling Pictorial Banality

  Leafing through Van Der Weijde’s Third Reich (part one of his Bavarian trilogy) one is confronted with Nazi Housing constructed in Bavaria during the National Socialist tenancy of German between 1933-1945.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, January 2015 The Dutch Man of Brazil Erik Van Der Weijde’s seeming pre-occupation with architecture and warfare has […]