An Interview with Cristina de Middel (2013)

“My work is more based on sequencing than in experiencing the aesthetics of the images so the book seems to be my perfect solution, plus, it is and object and the possibility of translating a concept or idea into something you can touch, smell, tear apart or archive makes it really interesting and complete.” Brad […]

ASX.TV: Faces of Africa – “The Hyena Men” (2013)

Learn more about the “Hyena Men” from Pieter Hugo’s well known series. In Nigeria there is a very mysterious band of brothers, a colourful troop of entertainers who are actually medicine men,they have a very interesting marketing tool as they perform with dangerous animals in order to attract crowds.The hyena men as they are referred […]

ASX.TV: Mikhael Subotzky – “TEDx – To See as a Photographer Sees” (2012)

Mikhael Subotzky’s photographic work combines the directness of the social documentary mode with a questioning of the nature of the photographic medium itself. His work has focused on the inside and outside of South Africa’s notorious prisons, the small town of Beaufort West, and Ponte City. His work has been exhibited widely in major galleries […]

ASX.TV: David Goldblatt – “At SF MoMA – Discussing ‘In Boksburg'” (2012)

David Goldblatt reflects on the ways photography has helped him process the experience of living under apartheid. His series In Boksburg documents life in a South African suburb in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the restrictions of that system of enforced racial segregation rendered seemingly normal moments in suburban life “abnormal beyond belief.”

ASX.TV: Roger Ballen – “An Interview with Roger Ballen” (2012)

Shadow Land: Photographs by Roger Ballen 1983-2011 Shadow Land is a major exhibition of work by internationally-acclaimed photographer Roger Ballen whose work offers a powerful social critique and an extreme, uncanny beauty. The exhibition explores three decades of Ballen’s career, charting the evolution of his unique photographic style and demonstrating the contribution he has made […]

ASX.TV: Pieter Hugo – “This Must Be The Place, Selected Works 2003-2011” (2012)

Pieter Hugo – This Must Be The Place – On view from 3 March until 20 May 2012 at The Hague Museum of Photography – NL: De carrière van de Zuid-Afrikaanse fotograaf Pieter Hugo (Johannesburg, 1976) is met recht ‘booming’ te noemen. Zijn monumentale foto’s, waarin het hedendaagse Afrika een hoofdrol speelt, krijgen inmiddels […]