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  “In these L.A. pictures, I was drawn to certain light and colors, spaces, vernacular architecture, and automobiles that, to me, were characteristic of the place in a way that resonated with how I was feeling and the photographic agenda I had.” – Adam Bartos   (All rights reserved. Images @ Adam Bartos and courtesy […]

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Araki’s Chiro, Yoko, Death and the Baring of a Soul

  In Sentimental Journey and later in Winter Journey Araki documented both the intimate and the mundane from his honeymoon and his wife’s terminal battle with cancer. By blurring the boundaries between life and art Araki’s work becomes uncomfortably candid, presenting death with a reverence as shocking and graphic as any of his more erotic […]

Beach Photos with Fish, Daytona Beach, Florida, 1954

Berenice Abbott – The Photographer of New York City

  Berenice Abbott can be considered the photographer of New York City. A revolutionary documentary photographer, Abbott was born in Springfield, Ohio, in 1898, and studied for one year at Ohio State University, Columbus, before moving to New York in 1918. Abbott was part of the straight photography movement, which stressed the importance of photographs […]



  Explore more here: http://time.com/3506839/life-rides-with-hells-angels-1965/     (All rights reserved. Images @ Bill Ray and LIFE Magazine.)


Bob Mazzer Explores London in the 80’s “On the Tube”

    “Every day I travelled to King’s Cross and back. Coming home late at night, it was like a party and I felt like the tube was mine and I was there to take the pictures.” – Bob Mazzer   Howard Griffin Gallery       (Images @ Bob Mazzer and Howard Griffin Gallery)



[nggallery id=536] Best known for his photographs of nocturnal Paris and its demimonde, Brassai also took pictures of wall carvings and markings over three decades which Brassai titled The Language of the Wall.



    In a career that spanned more than four decades, Carlo Mollino designed buildings, homes, furniture, cars, aircraft. One of the most dashing figures of mid-century Italy, Mollino was famed for his design finesse and his elegant organicism. In 1949 he published an important book on photography: Message from the Darkroom. Sometime around 1960, […]



  Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s (Damiani, March 2013), features photographs by Charles H. Traub, a frequent visitor to Italy during the 1980s.             (All rights reserved. Images @ Charles Traub)


Christine Osinski – “From Staten Island”

    Christine Osinski moved to Staten Island, New York in the early 1980s and immediately felt at home. Osinski had grown up on the South Side of Chicago and Staten Island had the same kind of muscular, working class sensibility she was accustomed to. Between 1983 and 1984 Osinski walked the borough with a […]

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[nggallery id=558] Christopher Wool’s (best known as a painter) East Broadway Breakdown, a large body of black-and-white photographs taken at night in the streets between the Lower East Side and Chinatown, began in the mid-1990s and was completed in 2002. ASX CHANNEL: CHRISTOPHER WOOL (All rights reserved. Images @ Christopher Wool)

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CINDY SHERMAN: “Untitled Film Stills” (1977-1980)

  Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Film Stills,” a series of 69 black-and-white photographs created between 1977 and 1980, is widely seen as one of the most original and influential achievements in recent art.   EXPLORE ALL CINDY SHERMAN ON ASX   (All rights reserved. Images @ Cindy Sherman.)

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[nggallery id=555] Born in New York City, Dan Weiner studied painting at the Art Students League in 1937 and at Pratt Institute from 1939 to 1940. As a member of the Photo League from 1935 to 1947, Weiner aimed to use photography to effect social change. Weiner also worked as a commercial photographer for Fortune […]

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DANNY LYON: “The Bikeriders”

  First published in 1968, Danny Lyon’s The Bikeriders explores firsthand the stories and characters of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club.  Authentic, personal, and uncompromising, Lyon’s depiction of individuals on the outskirts of society offers a gritty yet humanistic view that subverts the commercialized image of Americana.   EXPLORE ALL DANNY LYON ON ASX   (All […]