ASX.TV: John Berger – “Ways of Seeing (Episode 4)” (1972) ASX.TV: John Berger – “Ways of Seeing (Episode 3)” (1972) ASX.TV: John Berger – “Ways of Seeing (Episode 2)” (1972) ASX.TV: John Berger – “Ways of Seeing (Episode 1)” (1972)

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INTERVIEW: “John Tusa Interviews Don McCullin”

Transcript of the BBC John Tusa Interview with Don McCullin It can’t be easy bearing the title of the world’s greatest war photographer, but that’s only one of the burdens that Don McCullin carries around with him. But after 20 years of confronting the world with unforgettable images of war, from Congo to Biafra, to […]

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INTERVIEW: “John Tusa Interviews David Hockney” (2004)

John Tusa Interviews David Hockney As an artist David Hockney is easy to get wrong. For years viewers have responded to the extrovert hedonism of his California pictures, the swimming pools, the sensual lifestyle, the uninhibited colours, the recognisable images. Hockney too has always been recognised as a wonderful draftsman. At a time when some […]

ASX.TV: “John Baldessari & Ed Ruscha at the Hammer Museum” (2013)

ASX.TV: “John Baldessari & Ed Ruscha at the Hammer Museum” (2013)

Los Angeles-based art luminaries John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha discuss the work of Richard Artschwager. Baldessari is known for his conceptual work that often intersects artistic genres and media. His work has been featured in more than 200 solo exhibitions and more than 1,000 group exhibitions in the United States and Europe. Ruscha’s work encompasses […]

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INTERVIEW: “Oral History Interview with John Baldessari” (1992)

FISH/CHICKENS/TWO BIRDS, 1990 The following oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with John Baldessari on April 4, 1992. The interview took place in Santa Monica, CA and was conducted by Christopher Knight for the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Tape 1, side A (30-minute tape sides) JOHN BALDESSARI: . . […]

Michael Schmelling Land Line

REVIEW: Michael Schmelling – “Land Line” (2014)

  By Ellen Wallenstein, review of Land Line for ASX, April 2014 Land Line by Michael Schmelling is the photographer’s third volume published by J&L Books. Jason Fulford, the principal of J&L, is a quirky, brilliant man. His choice of artists, books and publications is very particular and peculiar. In his own and others’ work, […]

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JOHN SZARKOWSKI: “On Robert Frank’s Book ‘The Americans’” (1986)

contact sheet from The Americans   “I saw it I suppose very shortly after it was published, when I was still working as a photographer myself, and it was, frankly, shocking. I sensed the power in it, and the authority about it but there was much about it that I didn’t like… The Americans was […]


INTERVIEW: Fred Ritchin – “The Best and Worst of Times” (2008)

Portrait of Antonia, 2007. @ Loretta Lux The Best of Times and the Worst of Times - A Conversation between Media Expert Fred Ritchin and Rong Jiang The interview took place at International Center of Photography in New York, December 5, 2008. Originally published in the April Issue of the Chinese Photography magazine Rong Jiang: In your new […]

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JOHN GOSSAGE: “John Gossage’s ‘The Pond’” (1986)

Untitled, from The Pond By Robert Adams, excerpt from Creative Camera: 30 Years of Writing (Manchester University Press, 2000) [column width="45%" padding_right="20px"]Irony, defined as unrecognized incongruity, take many forms as a subject for art. John Gossage has in his previous work been alert to several kinds, among them the sort of irony that interested Melville – […]

ASX.TV: Jon Rafman – “Still Life (Betamale)” (2013)

ASX.TV: Jon Rafman – “Still Life (Betamale)” (2013)

Still Life (Betamale), Jon Rafman + Oneohtrix Point Never, 2013 Special thanks to FM TOWNS MARTY, Swampy T Fox, Kigurumiwa, Rajutenrakuza, Kiwikig2, and Daniel Swan SOURCES img vid


ASX.TV: “John Baldessari & Ed Ruscha at the Hammer Museum” (2013) INTERVIEW: “Oral History Interview with John Baldessari” (1992) ASX.TV: John Baldessari – “A Brief History of John Baldessari” (2012) ASX.TV: John Baldessari – “This Not That” (2012) ASX.TV: John Baldessari – “John Baldessari Talks the Internet” ASX.TV: John Baldessari – “Studio Visit” ASX.TV: John […]

Photography within the humanities

JOHN SZARKOWSKI: “Evening Lecture at Wellesley College” (1977)

Evening Lecture I would like to address myself to what may seem to be a positively primitive question, and consider in an exploratory way the manner in which photography has changed our understanding of the idea of pictorial subject. The fact of the matter, if we are to begin on the basis of full and open disclosure, is that […]


ASX.TV: John Stezaker – “Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Finalist” (2012) ASX.TV: John Stezaker – “Kemper Art Museum” (2012) ASX.TV: John Stezaker – “The Studio” (2011)

ASX.TV: Tom Wood – “What Do Artists Do All Day” (2014)

ASX.TV: Tom Wood – “What Do Artists Do All Day” (2014)

Profile of acclaimed photographer Tom Wood. Tom has taken photographs almost every day for the past 40 years, mainly around the streets, workplaces and nightspots of Merseyside. Hugely respected in the photography world, his work is a unique record of British working class life and in recent years he has gained increasing recognition. In summer […]