INTERVIEW: Don McCullin – “The Confession of a War Photographer” (2006)

A shell-shocked U.S. Marine after the 1968 Tet offensive in South Vietnam The Confession of a War Photographer A Conversation Between World-Renown War Photographer Don McCullin and Jiang Rong, May 19, 2006 at a Hotel in New York. J: You have been regarded as one of the greatest war photographers and you have just been […]

ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “At War: Photographer Don McCullin” (2010)

ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “At War: Photographer Don McCullin” (2010)

The award-winning photojournalist looks back over his 50 year career on the front line. Witness to armed conflict and atrocity on battlefields around the world, these devastating experiences changed his motivation. The conflicting emotions still haunt him. An interview to mark the opening of Shaped by War at the Imperial War Museum, the first major […]

ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “Secrets Behind the Images”

ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “Contacts Vol. I”

The world’s greatest photographers reveal the secrets behind their images. A collection of films that uncover the artistic processes of the greatest contemporary photographers from an original perspective. Using images (contact prints, proofs, prints, or slides) with commentary by the artists themselves, the viewer is thrust into the secret universe of creativity and into the […]

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REVIEW: Aaron McElroy – “I Lied” (2014)

By Brad Feuerhelm for ASX, March 2014 Aaron McEroy’s new book “I lied” is beautifully designed by Jurgen Maelfeyt for Art Paper Editions. It is a inspired continuation of McElroy’s supreme visions of poetic pantone flesh and subdued eroticism. Greatly enabled by a shift in focus towards new frontiers in metaphor due to the inclusion […]


ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “Tate Interview” (2011) ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “Contacts Vol. I” ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “Interview – ‘Shaped by War’” (2010) ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “At War: Photographer Don McCullin” (2010) ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “War Wounds – Don McCullin on Photography” ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “Don McCullin on Social Documentary Photography” […]

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INTERVIEW: “John Tusa Interviews Don McCullin”

Transcript of the BBC John Tusa Interview with Don McCullin It can’t be easy bearing the title of the world’s greatest war photographer, but that’s only one of the burdens that Don McCullin carries around with him. But after 20 years of confronting the world with unforgettable images of war, from Congo to Biafra, to […]

ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “War Wounds” (2010)

ASX.TV: Don McCullin – “War Wounds” (2010)

The acclaimed frontline photojournalist speaks about the horrors of conflict, struggling with ‘this terrible name, war photographer’, and why shooting landscapes instead of battle zones has finally granted him a sense of peace.


“What is a Photograph” @ ICP (2014)

Mariah Robertson, 154 [detail], 2010. © Mariah Robertson, courtesy American Contemporary, New York. THE DREAM OF THE FUTURE By Shahrzad Kamel, ASX, NYC 2014 Recently, I’ve been fascinated with a book I found at the New York Public Library. A Dictionary of Photography, printed in 1867, is something of a relic. Complete with heavy-serif typeface, illustrations of […]

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“Richard Prince @ Lowell” (2014)

Kelly Madison (Profile), 2014 17″ x 22″ c-print mounted on board By Owen Campbell, for ASX, April 2014 For a small audience in a two-room suite on the thirteenth floor of the Manhattan’s Lowell Hotel, Richard Prince showed a series of enlarged prints of screenshots taken from his twitter account. The show, which Prince and […]

ASX.TV: Lorna Simpson – “TateShots” (2014)

ASX.TV: Lorna Simpson – “TateShots” (2014)

Old sports photographs and hair commercials provide inspiration for American artist Lorna Simpson. Lorna Simpson uses combinations of image and text to examine the processes through which meaning and understanding take place. Here Simpson shows TateShots how she arrived at this methodology and why her surroundings are so important to her work.


INTERVIEW: Fred Ritchin – “The Best and Worst of Times” (2008)

Portrait of Antonia, 2007. @ Loretta Lux The Best of Times and the Worst of Times - A Conversation between Media Expert Fred Ritchin and Rong Jiang The interview took place at International Center of Photography in New York, December 5, 2008. Originally published in the April Issue of the Chinese Photography magazine Rong Jiang: In your new […]

ASX.TV: Barry McGee – “Tagging” (2012)

ASX.TV: Barry McGee – “Tagging” (2012)

Episode #177: Filmed in 2012, this “Exclusive” follows artist Barry McGee through his self-titled retrospective exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA). McGee, who became interested in tagging while growing up in San Francisco, describes the excitement of putting up new tags and the rush of getting away with it. Alongside […]

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RICHARD PRINCE: “Lecture at ICP” (2014)

    BROOKE SHIELDS (SPIRITUAL AMERICA), 1983 Ektacolor print, 24 by 20 inches (after an original by commercial photographer Garry Gross) edition of 10 + 1 AP, executed in 1983 By Richard Prince Transcript from the ICP Lecture Series, Wednesday, April 2, 7:00pm School at ICP, Shooting Studio, 1114 Avenue of the Americas “Bummer” That’s a […]