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Narcissus’ Folly of Youthful Naivete in the Work of Coco Young

@ Coco Young There are references abound… a lineage… Corinne day, Nan Goldin, a bit of Larry lark and I’d like to think a bit of Mark Morrisroe (somehow, I think this is very wishful).   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, March 2015 Coco Young’s “Vanity” on Bemojake books is an affirmation of what it is […]

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A Near Miss with Zombie Formalism in the Work of Hannah Whitaker

@ Hannah Whitaker, courtesy of Morel Books   Hannah Whitaker’s “Peer to Peer” with Morel books could easily be subsumed into the category of “zombie formalism” with its easy abstraction and playful dialogue of purist abstraction and aesthetic formal nuances.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, March 2015 Hannah Whitaker’s “Peer to Peer” with Morel books […]

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Barbara Kruger on Race, Stereotypes, Public Art and Interviews (1991)

  Barbara Kruger Untitled (I shop therefore I am) 111″ by 113″ photographic silkscreen/vinyl 1987 Courtesy Mary Boone Gallery New York       Excerpt from Critical Inquiry 17, Winter 1991 MITCHELL: Is part of the agenda of your images, then, to re-embody, or to restore the body to these stereotypes? KRUGER: Yeah-and I hate […]


Pop Art / Art Pop: The Warhol Connection

 Andy Warhol, Polaroids @ The Warhol Foundation “Because of Andy Warhol, it’s no longer possible to just do what you do and not have to act it out 24 hours a day. His style of doing things changed everybody’s idea of what the values were that could make you a star. And as a result […]

ASX.TV: Stacy Kranitz – “Study on Post Pubescent Manhood”

ASX.TV: Stacy Kranitz – “Study on Post Pubescent Manhood”

A trailer for “The Study on Post Pubescent Manhood” by Stacy Kranitz. I met Jerimy at a dystopian compound in Ohio and invited myself to his home in Tennessee. Over the course of several years we have built a relationship that forms the narrative of this feature length film. It reveals myself as a filmmaker […]

ASX.TV: Katy Grannan – “The Nine” (Trailer)

ASX.TV: Katy Grannan – “The Nine” (Trailer)

A trailer for “The Nine”, a coming feature-length portrait of a small community of outliers living on a blighted street in a marginalized part of California. Directed by Katy Grannan Produced by Marc Smolowitz http://theninefilm.com/ http://katygrannan.com/ http://fraenkelgallery.com/artists/katy-grannan   EXPLORE ALL KATY GRANNAN ON ASX

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Harry Callahan Loved Eleanor, Barbara and Chicago

    “He just liked to take the pictures of me. In every pose. Rain or shine. And whatever I was doing. If I was doing the dishes or if I was half asleep. And he knew that I never, never said no. I was always there for him. Because I knew that Harry would […]


ASX.TV: Alec Soth on ‘Songbook’

“A lot of the language surrounding Songbook is about community and American culture…and that stuff’s in there, but actually what I wanted to do with it is talk to something more primal, more internal, and more about the human condition than the American condition. It’s the great problem of consciousness.” —Alec Soth   Alec Soth […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Yousuf Karsh” (1988)

Sir John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, 1875 – 1940. Governor General of Canada, 1937. Interview with Yousuf Karsh By Bob Bishop, June, 1988 Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh’s quest for the “perfect portrait” spans fifty years and illustrates the faces of the world’s most accomplished men and women. His detailed likenesses reveal what he calls the […]

ASX.TV: Cristina de Middel – “Deutsche Börse Photography Prize” (2013)

ASX.TV: Cristina de Middel – “Deutsche Börse Photography Prize” (2013)

Cristina De Middel (b.1975, Spain) is nominated for her publication The Afronauts (self-published, 2011). In her first book The Afronauts, De Middel engages with myths and truths, reality and fiction. In 1964, after gaining independence, Zambia started a space programme in order to send the first African astronaut to the moon. In The Afronauts, De […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Richard Avedon (Excerpt)” (1984)

James Story, coal miner, Somerset, Colorado, December 18, 1979 “There is no truth in photography. There is no truth about anyone’s person.” – Richard Avedon   Excerpt from Richard Avedon interview in Egoiste, September 1984 Nicole Wisniak: Do you think a photographer is a person obsessed by the fact that things disappear? Richard Avedon: I […]

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INTERVIEW: Dan Solomon – “Witness” (2013)

  WITNESS, an installation by Dan Solomon, In conjunction with ICP’s exhibit “JFK November 22: A Bystander’s View of History. Interview by Raphael Shammaa, November 2013 Shortly before 9:00 AM on November 23rd, as New Yorkers prepare to settle at their desks for the day, I meet with Dan Solomon for a tour of his photographic […]

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INTERVIEW: “An Interview with Garry Winogrand” (1981)

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1957   “I think that those kind of distinctions and lists of titles like “street photographer” are so stupid.”   From Visions and Images: American Photographers on Photography, Interviews with photographers by Barbara Diamonstein, 1981–1982, Rizoli: New York Garry Winogrand is one of the most important photographers at work in America today. His […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Marion Post Wolcott” (1965)

Two African-American children and their home located near Wadesboro, North Carolina, US., December 1938   By Richard Doud, Oral history interview with Marion Post Wolcott, January 18, 1965, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. RICHARD DOUD: This is an interview with Marion Post Wolcott, at her home in Mill Valley, California, January 18, 1965. The interviewer […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with John Divola” (1978)

Zuma Series, 1977     Journal of Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, September 1978 Dialogue with John Divola by Dinah Portner Q. Do you think of photography as a concrete way of dealing with ideas? A. No, it’s not that they are ideas, per se. I see art as a dialogue about experiences and […]


ASX INTERVIEW: “Antoinette de Jong and Robert Knoth” (2012)

By Paul Loomis exclusively for ASX, Interview conducted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 Antoinette De Jong and Robert Knoth are the authors of a book called “Poppy: The Trails of Afghan Heroin” that has transformed the way we think about photojournalism.  It doesn’t fall victim to the reporter’s myopia of five hundred word stories three […]




WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Introduction to William Eggleston’s Guide” (1976)

Sumner, Mississippi, Cassidy Bayou in background By John Szarkowski At this writing I have not yet visited Memphis, or northern Mississippi, and thus have no basis for judging how closely the photographs in this book might seem to resemble that part of the world and the life that is lived there. I have, however, visited […]


BRASSAI: “The Surrealist Observer (Excerpt)” (1998)

By Marja Warehime, excerpt from Brassai: Images of Culture and the Surrealist Observer Brassai always insisted that none of his photographs was posed, and there is no reason to believe that he behaved differently with the toughs in the rue de Lappe then he did with Lawrence Durrell. No doubt he attempted to put his […]



Fred Herzog (b. September 21, 1930, Stuttgart, Germany) is a photographer known primarily for his photos of life in Vancouver, Canada. He was employed as a medical photographer by day, and on evenings and weekends he took his camera to the streets, documenting daily life as he observed it.


PAUL GRAHAM: “Photography is Easy, Photography is Difficult” (2009)

(The text was written for the Yale MFA photography graduation book – Yale MFA Photography 2009: We Belong Together) By Paul Graham It’s so easy it’s ridiculous. It’s so easy that I can’t even begin – I just don’t know where to start. After all, it’s just looking at things. We all do that. It’s […]

ASX.TV: Garry Winogrand – “Photographer” (1982)

ASX.TV: Garry Winogrand – “Photographer” (1982)

CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHIE IN THE USA – Cinematic workshop discussions about an art form in our day and age. Documented photographers: Robert Frank, Duane Michals, Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Thomas Roma, Alfred Stieglitz, Harry Callahan, Lisette Model, Ralph Gibson, Mark Cohen, Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore English – Colour – PAL or NTSC – 4:3 – 52 […]

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Andy Warhol Interviewed by Bourdon (EXCERPT) (1962)

Dollar Sign, circa 1981 By Kenneth Goldsmith, Wayne Kostenbaum and Reva Wolf, excerpt from I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews From an interview with David Bourdon, 1962-63 WARHOL: Am I really doing anything new? BOURDON: You are doing something new in making exclusive use of second-hand images. In transliterating newspaper or magazine […]

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WALKER EVANS: “A Penitent Spy (Excerpt)” (2000)

Cuba, 1933 By Belinda Rathbone, excerpt from Walker Evans: A Biography, 2000 By the late 1960’s, the influence of Walker Evans on a younger generation of American photographers had proved to be as profound as it was subtle. For an artist who never sought disciples, Evans had acquired an extraordinary range of them, far beyond […]


WILLIAM KLEIN: “The New York School: Photographs, 1936-1963″ (1992)

Boy + Swing + Simpering Girl, New York, 1955 By Jane Livingston, excerpt from The New York School: Photographs, 1936-1963 William Klein’s book New York was made in an intense eight-month period in 1954-1955, it was also during this period that the photographer began what would be a twelve-year relationship with Vogue magazine. Klein had met […]


YOSUKE YAMAHATA: “Nagasaki Journey: The Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata” (1996)

Nagasaki Journey: The Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata By David L. Jacobs, Afterimage, Summer, 1996 Where adults see grays, young children seem able to recognize and deal with death with disarming aplomb. They are drawn to the look and feel of death, and want to explore it as avidly as their own sexuality. Charles Dickens’s Little Nell […]

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HANS-PETER FELDMANN: “Hans-Peter Feldmann” (2006)

All the Clothes of a Woman, 1970’s By Roy Arden, This curator’s text was originally published for the exhibition ‘Hans-Peter Feldmann’ at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, June 9 – August 20, 2006. Hans-Peter Feldmann’s oeuvre includes works in many media, from painting to sculpture, installation, photography, collage, bookworks, archives or collections of images, objects, […]

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THOMAS RUFF: “Aesthetic of the Pixel” (2008)

  By David Campany, originally published in IANN magazine No.2, 2008 The photographic art of Thomas Ruff makes very particular demands of us and offers very particular kinds of pleasure, both aesthetic and intellectual. His work seems cold and dispassionate, willful, searching and perverse but at times surprisingly beautiful. Whether he is working with found […]


SHELBY LEE ADAMS: “The Napier’s Living Room” (1989)

The Napier Brothers with Puppies, ’92 No specific assigned agenda, but many memories.   By Shelby Lee Adams, 2007 In the early ’80’s I was taken to visit the Napier family by a local preacher and friend Wayne Riddle from Leatherwood. I was advised not to drive my car, as the roads were rough. We […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Chuck Close” (1987)

Big Self Portrait, 1968 Oral history interviews with Chuck Close, 1987 May 14 – Sept. 30, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Interview with Chuck Close Conducted by Judd Tully At the artist’s studio in New York City May 14, 1987 JUDD TULLY: According to published information, you were born in the state of Washington […]

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KEIZO KITAJIMA: “USSR 1991″ (2012)

USSR 1991 In the fall of 1990, Keizo Kitajima received a commission from Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper to visit the Soviet Union, the opportunity to spend a year documenting both people and places in what was then a monolithic entity. 15 republics, 11 time zones, and thousands of miles spanning the two—the task was daunting […]

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Gerhard Richter (born 9 February 1932) is a German visual artist. Richter has simultaneously produced abstract and photorealistic painted works, as well as photographs and glass pieces, undermining the concept of the artist’s obligation to maintain a single cohesive style.


WALKER EVANS: “Many Are Called” (1938)

Walker Evans’ Many Are Called is a three-year photographic study of people on the New York subway. Using a camera hidden in his jacket and a cable release running down his sleeve, Evans snapped unsuspecting passengers while they traveled through the city. Evans said that these photographs were his “idea of what a portrait ought […]

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El Grafico 28,051, November 29, 2010 Hot, Daily Death and Sex Text by Paul Loomis, ASX, May 2012 I had been living in Mexico City for only two months when I encountered artist P.J. Rountree’s collection of El Grafico covers.  He collects various visual textures from the urban environment, manipulating some and archiving others as […]