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ASX.TV: Richard Prince – “It’s a Free Concert” (2014)

The American artist Richard Prince is mainly known for his photographs of iconic pictures from pop culture and his text images of chauvinist jokes. The exhibition “It’s a Free Concert” at Kunsthaus Bregenz is the first large-scale solo show by Richard Prince in an Austrian institution. On display are works that revolve around rock and […]

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    Beautiful Japanese girls are photographed in casts and bandages, victims of unknown traumas in the neon streets and hospital rooms. These are the “broken dolls” of Romain Slocombe’s Tokyo, a city seething with undercurrents of violent fantasy, fetishism and bondage. City of the Broken Dolls is a provocative photographic document of the girls […]


ASX.TV: Shinjuku – “Memory of Gallery Kaido” (1988-1992)

ASX.TV: Shinjuku – “Memory of Gallery Kaido” (1988-1992)

This is old gallery KAIDO’s slide show. That little photo gallery was managed by Koji Onaka and Susumu Fujita from 1988 until 1992 in Shinjuku. Onaka was opening solo exhibition”Seitaka awadachiso”almost every month. A lot of famous photographer came there, Daido Moriyama,Masahisa Fukase,Takuma Nakahira,Miyako Ishiuchi,Asako Narahashi and Michitaka Ota of Sokyu sha etc….


REVIEW: Daido Moriyama – “Labryinth” (2012)

By Owen Campbell for ASX, February 2014 Life, in Daido Moriyama’s Labyrinth, is a succession of small, dark, dirty spaces that lead nowhere but to each other. There are patterns apparent to those willing to stay inside long enough but they fall short of recursion; they will not lead you out of the Labyrinth or […]



DIANE ARBUS: “Where Diane Arbus Went” (2005)

A family on their lawn one Sunday in Westchester, N.Y., 1968 Where Diane Arbus Went: A Comprehensive Retrospective, prompts the author to reconsider the short yet powerfully influential career of a photographer whose “fascination with eccentricity and masquerade brought her into an unforeseeable convergence with her era, and made her one of its essential voices. By […]

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DIANE ARBUS: “Stamped on Verso”

        Images from the back of the print: Transvestite at a Drag Ball, New York City, 1970 Gelatin silver, printed by Neil Selkirk 14-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches (36.8 x 36.8 cm)     Diane Arbus. An Aperture Monograph. Fortieth-Anniversary Edition. Photographs by Diane Arbus. Edited by Marvin Israel, Doon Arbus. Aperture, New […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Diane Arbus” (1991)

Teenage Couple on Hudson Street, NYC, 1963 By Gary Michael Dault, C Magazine #29, Spring 1991 All of us are presumably on such visually familiar turf with the photographs of Diane Arbus that it is hard now to remember what all the upset was about when they were new; hard to remember, for example, that […]

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LARRY CLARK: “Death is More Perfect Than Life” (2005)

Untitled (from Tulsa), 1971 Death is More Perfect Than Life: Larry Clark By Jill Conner, Afterimage, May-June, 2005 The conformity that saturated American society in the postwar 1950s created unreal expectations among the population due to the media’s use of advertisements and television shows to portray an orderly lifestyle full of hope and promise within […]


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WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Before Color” (2010)

By Doug Rickard William Eggleston is a “Southern” artist. Without a deeper explanation, this statement itself could mean a few things. If you look at the body of his work on the whole, the majority of it (almost all) is set within the Southern environs of the US… places like Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and […]



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WALKER EVANS: “Walker Evans’s ‘Counter-Aesthetic’” (2003)

Gay Burke, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, October 28, 1973 By Jane Tormey, originally published in Afterimage, July 1, 2003 During the last two years of his life Walker Evans took nearly 1000 portraits of friends and students using an SX-70 Polaroid camera in a peculiarly impulsive and uncontrolled way. This body of work constitutes a noticeable departure from […]

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TONY RAY-JONES: “A Day Off: An English Journal” (1974)

Blackpool, Lancashire,1968 By Ainslie Ellis, originally published as the introduction in A Day Off, and English Journal, 1974. In San Francisco on 18 February 1972 Tony Ray-Jones was told that he had an acute and rare form of leukaemia. He died in London at the Royal Marsden Hospital less than a month later. He was […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Arbus’s Box of Ten Photographs” (2003)

“A young family in Brooklyn going for a Sunday outing. Their baby in named Dawn. Their son is retarded.” NYC, 1966 By John Pultz, excerpt from Diane Arbus: Family Albums, 2003 The closest Arbus ever came to producing the “Family Album” was the portfolio A Box of Ten Photographs, which she dated 1970 but first offered […]

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LARRY CLARK: “The Misadventures of Larry Clark” (1997)

Tulsa 29, 1971 By Jim Lewis, Originally Published in Manhattan File, September – October, 1997 One afternoon earlier this year (1997), a woman called the Luhring Augustine Gallery on 24th Street from an apartment in SoHo. She understood that they represented the photographer Larry Clark, and she was trying to find him. She had been […]


WALKER EVANS: “The Passion of Walker Evans” (2000)

By Daniel Mark Epstein, New Criterion, March 1, 2000 America’s infatuation with photography has thrived upon its easy accessibility. By 1903, the year Walker Evans was born, George Eastman had made the roll-film camera so cheap that soon no family reunion or Sunday picnic need ever lack a “photo artist” to immortalize it. Amateur camera […]


INTERVIEW: “Gil Blank and Stephen Shore in Conversation” (2007)

from American Surfaces Gil Blank and Stephen Shore in Conversation (2007), Originally published in Whitewall Magazine, Volume 7, 2007 GIL BLANK: Over the last five to ten years, the work of yours that has increasingly come to the widest attention relates most directly to what began in Uncommon Places — photographs especially remarkable for their […]

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INTERVIEW: Robert Heinecken – “Photographist” Pt. I (1996)

Interviewed by Stephen K. Lehmer TAPE NUMBER: I, SIDE ONE, MARCH 2, 1996 LEHMER: Your family moves to Riverside in ’46, and in ’49 you attend Riverside [City] College, where you get an A. A. degree in art from ’49 to 51. HEINECKEN: Even in high school I was in a kind of college preparatory […]