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ASX.TV: Juergen Teller – “Araki Teller Teller Araki” (2014)

ASX.TV: Juergen Teller – “Araki Teller Teller Araki” (2014)

April 4, 2014, Galerie OstLicht: opening ceremony of the show ARAKI TELLER TELLER ARAKI featuring works of two of the most important photographers of our times: Juergen Teller and Nobuyoshi Araki. The exhibition is showing new works conceived for this joint exhibition and entering into an artistic dialogue. Nobuyoshi Araki and Juergen Teller are united […]

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TOM WOOD: “Men Women” (2013)

Tom Wood – Men Women (Steidl 2013) By Peter Baker, for ASX, July 2014 It is only recently that I discovered the work of Irish born photographer Tom Wood, who, for the better part of four decades has been photographing people in Liverpool and the surrounding county of Merseyside in the UK. These pair of […]



Daido Moriyama: The Mighty Power on


DAIDO MORIYAMA: “Daido Moriyama – Photographer” (2000)

By David Levi Strauss, originally published in ArtForum, March, 2000 “Less art and more truth.” I remember that motto scrawled across a wall in the Robert Frank retrospective at the Whitney Museum in 1995-96. The idea that anyone would use photography to try to tell the truth seems preposterous these days, but Frank has been […]



DIANE ARBUS: “Surface Tensions: Judith Butler on Diane Arbus” (2004)

Two men dancing at a drag ball, N.Y.C. 1970. By Judith Butler, ArtForum, February, 2004 The Diane Arbus exhibition “Revelations,” currently (2004) showing at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is not difficult to attend. The crowds that circled the block to see the major Marc Chagall exhibition earlier this fall are now quite […]


INTERVIEW: “Diane Arbus – Nudist Exposed” (2004)

Retired man and his wife at home in a nudist camp one morning, N.J, 1963. Diane Arbus: From Modern Painters Spring 2004, Nudist Exposed by A.M. Homes ‘A documentary you said.’ ‘Yes, a piece, on the photographer Diane Arbus.’ ‘Was that how you pronounced her name? I always wondered.’ ‘Can you tell us about the […]

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REVIEW: WILLIAM EGGLESTON – “Before Color” (2010)

By Doug Rickard William Eggleston is a “Southern” artist. Without a deeper explanation, this statement itself could mean a few things. If you look at the body of his work on the whole, the majority of it (almost all) is set within the Southern environs of the US… places like Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and […]


WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Afterward from The Democratic Forest” (1988)

William Eggleston in Conversation with Mark Holborn (Afterward from The Democratic Forest) “I was in Oxford, Mississippi for a few days and I was driving out to Holly Springs on a back road, stopping here and there. It was the time of year when the landscape wasn’t yet green. I left the car and walked […]




INTERVIEW: “Wolfgang Tillmans – Turner Prize Chat Transcript” (2000)

Kilimanjaro, 2012 Wolfgang Tillmans was announced as the winner of The Turner Prize 2000. He took part in an online webchat on 1st December 2000 at the Channel 4 website. The following is a transcript of the interview. Wolfgang Tillmans: Hello this is Wolfgang Tillmans!! I’m online right now waiting for your questions. Chat Ed: […]



  Many Japanese photographers came to New York to take photographs in the seventies and eighties, Kitajima arguably produced the best. Gritty images of New York streets and nightclubs and a vision of the city that overshadows the individual. ASX CHANNEL: KEIZO KITAJIMA (All rights reserved. Images @ Keizo Kitajima)

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Rosalind Solomon” (2003),

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Rosalind Solomon” (2003)

Mother, Daughter and Maid, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1988 By Steven Watson RS: I used to feel that I should not discuss my experiences. I wanted the pictures to be judged as images only, but now I feel that it is important for me to share as much as I can. I never felt as though […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Julius Shulman” (1990)

Interview with Julius Shulman Conducted by Taina Rikala De Noreiga at the Artist’s home in Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles), California. January 12 & 20, February 3, 1990. TAINA RIKALA DE NOREIGA: Let’s start by you telling us when and where you were born. JULIUS SHULMAN: I was born in Brooklyn, New York, 10/10/10 [meaning October […]

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RICHARD BILLINGHAM: “Reinterpreting Unconventional Family Photographs: Returning to Richard Billingham’s ‘Ray’s a Laugh’; Series” (2007)

Reinterpreting Unconventional Family Photographs: Returning to Richard Billingham’s “Ray’s a Laugh” Series By Outi Remes, Afterimage, May-June, 2007 The British artist Richard Billingham photographed his family–his alcoholic father, large mother, and unruly brother–in their council flat in the West Midlands, England, between 1990 and 1996, producing the photo book Ray’s a Laugh (1996). It departs from […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview of Lise Sarfati by François Adragna” (2012)

Heather #03, Lemon Grove Avenue, 2009, Courtesy of  Lise Sarfati and ROSEGALLERY Lise Sarfati ‘On Hollywood’. Interview by François Adragna François Adragna: What is a photographic series? Lise Sarfati: It is a set of photographs which are linked to each other and which create a whole. Something which shuts us in and in which we cannot find […]