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ASX.TV: Juergen Teller – “Araki Teller Teller Araki” (2014)

ASX.TV: Juergen Teller – “Araki Teller Teller Araki” (2014)

April 4, 2014, Galerie OstLicht: opening ceremony of the show ARAKI TELLER TELLER ARAKI featuring works of two of the most important photographers of our times: Juergen Teller and Nobuyoshi Araki. The exhibition is showing new works conceived for this joint exhibition and entering into an artistic dialogue. Nobuyoshi Araki and Juergen Teller are united […]

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TOM WOOD: “Men Women” (2013)

Tom Wood – Men Women (Steidl 2013) By Peter Baker, for ASX, July 2014 It is only recently that I discovered the work of Irish born photographer Tom Wood, who, for the better part of four decades has been photographing people in Liverpool and the surrounding county of Merseyside in the UK. These pair of […]



DAIDO MORIYAMA: Daido Moriyama: Investigations of a Dog” (1999)

Stray Dog, Misawa, Aomori, 1971 By Leo Rubinfien, Art in America, October, 1999 The photographer Daido Moriyama, whose first U.S. retrospective is now on view in New York, has spent the last 35 years elaborating a somber, alienated vision of postwar Japan. Moriyama is the author of over 20 books of photographs–notably Nippon Theatre (1968), […]



DIANE ARBUS: “The Eyes Have It: Gillian Wearing on Diane Arbus”

The Eyes Have It: Gillian Wearing on Diane Arbus ArtForum, Feb, 2004 by Barry Schwabsky Gillian Wearing has always emphasized her work’s affiliation with the field of documentary–for instance, with Michael Apted’s sequence of films beginning with Seven Up (1964)–over its roots in fine art. But her penchant for subjecting its documentary content to an […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Arbus’s Box of Ten Photographs” (2003)

“A young family in Brooklyn going for a Sunday outing. Their baby in named Dawn. Their son is retarded.” NYC, 1966 By John Pultz, excerpt from Diane Arbus: Family Albums, 2003 The closest Arbus ever came to producing the “Family Album” was the portfolio A Box of Ten Photographs, which she dated 1970 but first offered […]

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DIANE ARBUS: “Stamped on Verso”

        Images from the back of the print: Transvestite at a Drag Ball, New York City, 1970 Gelatin silver, printed by Neil Selkirk 14-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches (36.8 x 36.8 cm)     Diane Arbus. An Aperture Monograph. Fortieth-Anniversary Edition. Photographs by Diane Arbus. Edited by Marvin Israel, Doon Arbus. Aperture, New […]

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WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Preface from Election Eve” (1977),

WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Preface from Election Eve” (1977)

Preface from Election Eve By Lloyd Fonvielle William Eggleston made these photographs in and around Plains, Georgia–and along the route of his journey there from Mississippi–on the eve of the 1976 Presidential election. It might seem obvious why a young photographer who had spent most of his working life recording aspects of the South should […]


WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “The Tender-Cruel Camera”

William Eggleston: The Tender-Cruel Camera By Thomas Weski ‘I don’t particularly like what’s around me.’ I said that could be a good reason to take pictures. He said: ‘You know, that’s not a bad idea.’ Around the middle of the sixties, in the middle of the night, William Eggleston was standing in one of the […]



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LEE FRIEDLANDER: “Just Look At It” (2005)

By Rod Slemmons Lee Friedlander was born in the logging mill town of Aberdeen, Washington in 1934. He began photographing in 1948 because of a “fascination with the equipment,” in his words. His first paid job was a Christmas card photograph of a dog for a local madam named Peggy Plus. He later attended the […]

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CHRISTOPHER WOOL: “East Broadway Breakdown” (2003)

  “Between 1994 and 1995, Christopher Wool shot a series of photographs in downtown New York City that he calls East Broadway Breakdown, after a street on the Lower East Side, the neighborhood where he lives and works. Taken at night using a 35mm camera, the pictures feature the neighborhood’s signature streets, with their dilapidated […]

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ASX INTERVIEW: Broomberg & Chanarin “Divine Violence” (2013)

Brad Feuerhelm interviews Broomberg & Chanarin for ASX, April 2013 Brad Feuerhelm: I wanted to start off with a question about the forthcoming book project with Mack. I believe it is a Bible (king James?) that has had a photographic intervention… and perhaps a bit different than Francis Frith’s 19th century intervention as it plays […]

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WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Eggleston’s World” (1999)

By Walter Hopps, essay from The Hasselblad Award, 1998 ‘I think of them as parts of a novel I’m doing.’ These were the first words William Eggleston uttered when I asked what he felt he was accomplishing with his photographs. Another fine photographer from the South, William Christenberry, had brought Eggleston to meet me at […]

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BILL OWENS: “Suburbia” (2000)

By Cynthia Morrill, Ph.D. In 1972, while a news photographer for the Livermore Independent, Bill Owens made the photographs that comprise Suburbia. Initially presented in a 1973 volume entitled, Suburbia, they have since been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and North America and become the classic photographic description of the American suburban dream. […]

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WILLIAM GEDNEY: “Journal Entries on Kentucky, Sex and Diane Arbus”

A Notebook of Journal Entries by William Gedney … “Exhaustion is apparent on every hand – exhaustion of soil, exhaustion of men, exhaustion of hopes. Weariness and lethargy have settled closer. Everywhere the nation, engulfed in its money-making and international politics, has paid no noticeable heed to its darkest area.” Harry M. Caudill from Night […]

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WALKER EVANS: “Message from the Interior”

Ghost is Guest By Anna Solal, Translated from French by Chris Farmer and Florian Aimard The book’s title – Message from the interior – is both open and reserved, preparing the reader not only for its subject matter, but also for the atmosphere of intensity it contains. Here, through objects and places, the photographer speaks to […]

PETRA CORTRIGHT: “Self Portrait” (2011)

PETRA CORTRIGHT: “Self Portrait” (2011)

Born in 1986, Petra Cortright first gained notoriety as an internet artist but more recently has earned acclaim for the works she has exhibited in brick-and-mortar galleries. She has moved beyond just jpegs, websites and YouTube and has begun to incorporate elements of the online experience into her conceptual practice.


CAMILO JOSE VERGARA: “How The Other Half Worships”

St. Rest M.B. Church, 3056-3058 West Polk St., Chicago By Camilo Jose Vergara An excerpt from Camilo Jose Vergara’s postscript to HOW THE OTHER HALF WORSHIPS (Rutgers University Press, 2005): For four years I had been attending Sunday services, Bible school, choir rehearsals, revivals, and anniversaries in the nation’s poorest urban neighborhoods. I attended services […]