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ASX.TV: Ren Hang – “Beijing with Ren Hang” (2014)

ASX.TV: Ren Hang – “Beijing with Ren Hang” (2014)

Ren Hang, chinese nude photographer from Beijing met Picturalis for a nice chat about his conception of human body, told us how he had to face censorship from his country, and where we should go to see some nice photo exhibitions.

ASX.TV: Robert Adams – “Jeu de Paume” (2014)

Born in Orange, New Jersey, in 1937, Robert Adams grew up in Wisconsin and Colorado, where he lived for more than three decades before settling in Oregon. Since his beginnings in photography in the mid-1960s, Adams is considered by many to be one of the most important and influential chroniclers of the American West. Through […]




INTERVIEW: “Interview with Renee Nemerov Brown, Diane Arbus’s Sister”

Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, N.Y.C., 1962 Sister act: Renee Nemerov Brown, Diane Arbus’s sister, has spent her life carving out her own identity. But she does not deny the shadows that darkened their childhood, and which her sister could not escape By Patricia Bosworth Diane Arbus is celebrated for her […]

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Larry 8 (Custom)

INTERVIEW: Larry Clark – “Outlaw No More” (1984)

By Ellen Wallenstein, Spot Magazine, Fall 1985 The cover photograph of Larry Clark’s book Teenage Lust is a gorgeously lit rectangle of boy/girl flesh on the seat of a car, her hand around his penis, his hand at her crotch, their tongues touching. The quintessence of teenage lust: hot stuff in the back of a […]



WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Introduction to Ancient and Modern” (1992)

from Ancient and Modern William Eggleston: Introduction to Ancient and Modern By Mark Holborn William Eggleston was driving with the writer Stanley Booth from Georgia to Tennessee. It was 1978 and Eggleston had acquired an early Kodak instant camera. He started to photograph out of the window of the car and pointed the camera at […]

WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Preface from Election Eve” (1977),

WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Preface from Election Eve” (1977)

Preface from Election Eve By Lloyd Fonvielle William Eggleston made these photographs in and around Plains, Georgia–and along the route of his journey there from Mississippi–on the eve of the 1976 Presidential election. It might seem obvious why a young photographer who had spent most of his working life recording aspects of the South should […]




WILLIAM KLEIN: “The New York School: Photographs, 1936-1963″ (1992)

Boy + Swing + Simpering Girl, New York, 1955 By Jane Livingston, excerpt from The New York School: Photographs, 1936-1963 William Klein’s book New York was made in an intense eight-month period in 1954-1955, it was also during this period that the photographer began what would be a twelve-year relationship with Vogue magazine. Klein had met […]


ED RUSCHA: “One-Way Street” (2005)

Ed Ruscha, From Royal Road Test, 1967 Ed Ruscha’s One-Way Street By Jaleh Mansoor, OCTOBER, Winter 2005, pp. 127–42. Edward Ruscha arrived in Los Angeles in 1956, delivered by the car trip he and high school friend Mason Williams took in Ruscha’s black 1950 Ford from Oklahoma to the suburban-like stretch of a rapidly developing […]

man-with-bandage-1968 (Custom)

INTERVIEW: Fred Herzog – “In His Own Words” (excerpts)

Man with Bandage, 1968 Fred Herzog In His Own Words, from interviews with John Mackie of the Vancouver Sun in June, 2005, and January, 2007 On Photography “Photographic finesse has its place, but it can also get in the way. I was trying to show vitality. The pictures are about content, and more content. And […]

robert heinecken

INTERVIEW: Robert Heinecken – “Photographist” Pt. 2 (1996)

Porno Film Strip #4, 1972 Lithographic film 57 x 17 1/4 inches TAPE NUMBER: VII, SIDE TWO APRIL 14, 1996 LEHMER: All right. So let me rephrase that. There was an interesting statement made by an artist about the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, that they always have photography exhibited in the hallways of the museum outside of the […]

Roxane6 a

REVIEW: Viviane Sassen – “Roxane” (2013)

  By Allie Haeusslein, Associate Director at Pier 24 Photography SF, March 2012 About a year ago, I was first introduced to the work of Viviane Sassen at the Museum of Modern Art’s annual New Photography exhibition. I pulled open the glass doors, turned to my right and was immediately drawn in. First, by her masterful use […]

First Reflection, New York 1939

LISETTE MODEL: “Ann Thomas on Lisette Model”

Fashion Show, Hotel Pierre, NYC, c. 1946 By Elsa Dorfman (Published by the National Gallery of Canada to accompany an exhibition of Model’s work which travelled in the United States, Canada, and Germany during l990-1992.) Ann Thomas was drawn into the Model orbit when she had to prepare documentation on Model to support the acquisition […]



  By Bernard Cooper, Excerpt from Los Angeles Magazine, March 2002 Sex and work aren’t words you’d use in the same sentence unless you were talking about bad sex or an affair at the office, but they are words that best describe Larry Sultan’s recent photographs of porn shoots in and around the San Fernando […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Julius Shulman” (1990)

Interview with Julius Shulman Conducted by Taina Rikala De Noreiga at the Artist’s home in Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles), California. January 12 & 20, February 3, 1990. TAINA RIKALA DE NOREIGA: Let’s start by you telling us when and where you were born. JULIUS SHULMAN: I was born in Brooklyn, New York, 10/10/10 [meaning October […]

Edith, Danville, Virginia, 1969

GOWIN, FRIEDLANDER & CALLAHAN: “The Model Wife” (2001)

Edith, Danville, Virginia, 1969 By Arthur Ollman, Excerpt from the book The Model Wife, Director of the Museum of Photographic Art I. Emmet Gowin, (b. 1941) Emmet Gowin is a contemplative man. Contemplation is a solitary activity. It requires stillness, time, and focus. He believes that the connections between things are not always apparent. He […]