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Fab 5 Freddy Discussing Basquiat and his Courageous, Gallant, Elegant Stance

Boxer, 1982 He took a very courageous, gallant, and elegant stance.   Fred Braithwaite – a.k.a. Fab 5 Freddy :: Interview excerpt by Ingrid Sischy INGRID SISCHY: What made Jean-Michel Basquiat so great an artist? FAB 5 FREDDY: The way he demonstrated who he was to the world. He took a very courageous, gallant, and […]

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In Wessel’s ‘Incidents’, Fragments From Archives Make Up the Whole

Incidents 005 © Henry Wessel, courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York     Described by Henry Wessel as a ‘work without words’, Incidents is a portfolio of 27 photographs depicting ordinary moments in the everyday lives of strangers. Captured from his car, on the street, or in other public places, and taken with minimal interaction with […]

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Marilyn Minter’s Mom Doing Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Mom Smoking, 1969 “I was about twenty and in art school at the time—a junior photography student. I went home for the weekend, and I just photographed my mother not really thinking anything was out of the ordinary. Not for a second did I think the pictures were startling.” – Marilyn Minter

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Cataloging Desire and a Reluctant But Necessary Eulogy in ‘Russian Interiors’

Cataloging Desire and a Reluctant But Necessary Eulogy in ‘Russian Interiors’   By Brad Feurehelm, ASX, December 2014 Andy Rochelli’s “Russian Interiors” is first and foremost a beautifully realized book by Cesura Publishing. The tactile quality of the raised floral cover and the lifted font make the book a very desirable object to own. The […]



REVIEW: “Untitled by Diane Arbus” (1996)

Untitled by Diane Arbus, New York, Aperture 1995 By Elsa Dorfman Originally published in The Women’s Review of Books, January 1996 Best known for her portraits of people who live on the margins of society – giants, midgets, freaks, transvestites, nudists – Diane Arbus is an undisputed master of photography. Her work is in every […]


INTERVIEW: “Diane Arbus – Nudist Exposed” (2004)

Retired man and his wife at home in a nudist camp one morning, N.J, 1963. Diane Arbus: From Modern Painters Spring 2004, Nudist Exposed by A.M. Homes ‘A documentary you said.’ ‘Yes, a piece, on the photographer Diane Arbus.’ ‘Was that how you pronounced her name? I always wondered.’ ‘Can you tell us about the […]

VIDEO: Diane Arbus – "Masters of Photography" (1972)

ASX.TV: Diane Arbus – “Masters of Photography Part 1″ (1972)

In 1967, when the Museum of Modern Art in New York City presented New Documents — a major exhibition of the personal visions of several photographers — the surprise of the show was the work of Diane Arbus. On her own, against the advice of many friends, she had pursued her documentation of people on […]



INTERVIEW: “Oral History Interview with Ben Shahn” (1964)

Interview with Ben Shahn Conducted by Richard Doud at the Artist’s home in Roosevelt, New Jersey. April 14, 1964. RICHARD DOUD: I’d like to start with a general background of what you were doing prior to the time and how you managed to get with the Resettlement Program. BEN SHAHN: Well, I told you I […]

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INTERVIEW: “Thomas Struth: Talks About His ‘Paradise’ Series” (2002)

Paradise 29, 2006 Thomas Struth: Talks About His “Paradise” Series Originally published in ArtForum, May, 2002 At this point, Paradise consists of twenty-five photographs I’m just beginning to understand. intuition is an old word, but many things sprout from inner processes and needs and then take on a form. My approach to the jungle pictures […]

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INTERVIEW: Andy Warhol – “Modern Myths” (excerpt) (1981)

Jean-Micheal Basquiat This excerpt is from an interview with Andy Warhol, conducted in Warhol’s Factory in 1981, that was originally published in Arts Magazine (October 1981). Barry Blinderman: As a portraitist, what do you feel is most important to express? Andy Warhol: I always try to make the person look good. It’s easier if you […]


INTERVIEW: Nobuyoshi Araki “Intimate Photography – Tokyo, Nostalgia and Sex” (2006)

   “When two people make love, both people have to be naked. This (photography) is exactly the same thing.”   By C.B. Liddell, The Japan Times, November, 2006 Usually reviews of Nobuyoshi Araki’s work start by pointing out the contradictions “monster,” “genius,” “pornographer,” “artist,” etc. The greatest negative routinely cited is his attitude toward women, […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Joel Meyerowitz – Creating A Sense of Place” (1990)

Roseville Cottages, Truro, Massachusetts, 1976 Interview by Constance Sullivan, from Creating A Sense of Place, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1990 CS: Why do you choose to photograph a particular place? Why the Cape? Why St. Louis? JM: You go someplace to be there. You take a vacation. You want to go investigate a middle-sized city. Sometimes you’re […]

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Larry Clark on Cutting through the Bullshit and Hypocrisy of America (2007)

Cover of Tulsa (1963-1971) by Larry Clark   “People like Robert Frank inspired me. But I was really influenced more by people like Lenny Bruce.”   By Raphaël Cuir, Art Press, August 2007 A year ago, seven short films by Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Marco Brambilla, Sam Taylor-Wood and Larry Clark were […]


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WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Before Color” (2010)

By Doug Rickard William Eggleston is a “Southern” artist. Without a deeper explanation, this statement itself could mean a few things. If you look at the body of his work on the whole, the majority of it (almost all) is set within the Southern environs of the US… places like Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and […]


WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “The Tender-Cruel Camera”

William Eggleston: The Tender-Cruel Camera By Thomas Weski ‘I don’t particularly like what’s around me.’ I said that could be a good reason to take pictures. He said: ‘You know, that’s not a bad idea.’ Around the middle of the sixties, in the middle of the night, William Eggleston was standing in one of the […]


REVIEW: William Eggleston – “At Zenith” (2013)

At Zenith I (from Wedgwood Blue), 1979/2013 © Eggleston Artistic Trust. Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery REVIEW: WILLIAM EGGLESTON – “AT ZENITH”- GAGOSIAN GALLERY MADISON AVENUE OCT 26- DEC 21 2013 BY: Shahrzad Kamel, NYC DEC 2013 When I was a child I used to lie down on the grass, look up at the clouds and forget about everything […]





Louis Faurer (August 28, 1916 – March 2, 2001) was an American fashion photographer and a master of candid or street photography. A quiet artist who never achieved the broad public recognition of his best-known contemporaries, the significance and caliber of his work were lauded by insiders, among them Robert Frank, William Eggleston, and Edward […]


INTERVIEW: “Eyes Wide Open: Interview with John Szarkowski” (2006)

Eyes Wide Open: John Szarkowski – An influential photography curator and writer discusses some of the medium’s key figures and exhibitions By Mark Durden, Art in America, May, 2006 Mark Durden: Could you say something about how you saw your role at MOMA when you were appointed as Edward Steichen’s successor in 1962? You came […]


RICHARD AVEDON: “Listening to Avedon” (1995)

Sandra Bennett, Twelve Year Old, Rocky Ford, Colorado, August 23, 1980   Avedon is very specific about what he brings to that moment – a desire for control.   By Vince Leo, originally published in Afterimage, Sept-Oct, 1995 Of all Avedon’s recent testimonials, none is more concise or revealing as a short cassette tape audio tour […]


STEPHEN SHORE: “NRW-Forum Düsseldorf – Der Rote Bulli (The Red Bus)” (2010)

Church and Second Streets, Easton, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1974 Der Rote Bulli. Stephen Shore and the New Düsseldorf Photography, September 11, 2010 – January 16, 2011 For the 2010 Quadrennial, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is focusing for the first time on an important chapter in the recent history of photography: the transatlantic influence on photography in […]


PHILIP-LORCA DICORCIA: Street Fare: The Photography of Philip-Lorca Dicorcia” (1999)

Havana, 1999 Street Fare: The Photography of Philip-Lorca Dicorcia By Andy Grundberg, Originally published in ArtForum, February, 1999 Inasmuch as movies seem to wag real events these days, it’s not much of a stretch to see Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s recent color photographs of crowded city streets as film stills of everyday life. They certainly have the […]

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INTERVIEW: “Nan Goldin Talks to Tom Holert – ’80s Then – Interview” (2003)

  By Tom Holert, Originally published in ArtForum, March, 2003   TOM HOLERT: What is your predominant memory of the ’80s? NAN GOLDIN: I missed the ’80s, fortunately–I wasn’t very aware of things outside my world. I knew about those photographers who were doing media-related stuff, from Cindy Sherman, whose work I love, to Sherrie […]

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REVIEW: J CARRIER – “Elementary Calculus” (2012)

From Elementary Calculus, Courtesy of Mack By Paul Loomis, September, 2012 J Carrier’s new book Elementary Calculus is a collection of 74 luminous photographs shot in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Carrier’s subjects are immigrants and refugees, people who have arrived in one of the world’s most politically embattled regions and must operate within parameters that […]

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INTERVIEW: “Robert Hirsch with Bill Owens – Photographing the Suburban Soul” (2005)

 “I enjoy cooking, dogs, cats, kids, soccer, and living here.” Interview by Robert Hirsch of Light Research Bill Owens’s Suburbia (1972) is a quintessential photographic study of suburban California life and of its rituals. Owens followed with Our Kind of People (1975), which examined political, religious, scholastic, and sports groups and their practices. Then he […]


WALKER EVANS: “The Passion of Walker Evans” (2000)

By Daniel Mark Epstein, New Criterion, March 1, 2000 America’s infatuation with photography has thrived upon its easy accessibility. By 1903, the year Walker Evans was born, George Eastman had made the roll-film camera so cheap that soon no family reunion or Sunday picnic need ever lack a “photo artist” to immortalize it. Amateur camera […]

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REVIEW: Viviane Sassen – “Roxane” (2013)

      By Allie Haeusslein, Associate Director at Pier 24 Photography SF, March 2012 About a year ago, I was first introduced to the work of Viviane Sassen at the Museum of Modern Art’s annual New Photography exhibition. I pulled open the glass doors, turned to my right and was immediately drawn in. First, by her […]

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Rosalind Solomon” (2003),

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Rosalind Solomon” (2003)

Mother, Daughter and Maid, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1988 By Steven Watson RS: I used to feel that I should not discuss my experiences. I wanted the pictures to be judged as images only, but now I feel that it is important for me to share as much as I can. I never felt as though […]

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REN HANG: “New China”

Ren Hang (b.1987) is a poet and photographer living and working in Beijing. Deliberately provocative, Ren Hang’s images challenge conventional codes of morality in a still highly conservative society.

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DOROTHEA LANGE: “In the Face of All Odds: Dorothea Lange’s Psychological Studies of the Depression’s Disenfranchised” (1986)

By Merrill Schleier. Presented at Southwest Labor Studies Conference, March 14, 1986 Dorothea Lange’s images of the Depression’s unemployed and disenfranchised victims have long been acknowledged both for their power to prompt government action and their compassion. Lange was one of several photographers employed by the Resettlement Administration, which was later subsumed under the Farm […]


INTERVIEW: “Is Richard Prince a Feminist? & Interview with the Photographer” (1993)

Is Richard Prince a Feminist? – Includes Interview with the Photographer By Carol Squiers, Brian Wallis, Art in America, November, 1993 Two recent exhibitions by Richard Prince have elicited ire from critics who claim that many of his depictions – of self-styled “biker chicks,” various unknown actresses and the young Brooke Shields – are are […]


WALKER EVANS: “Scavenging the Landscape – Walker Evans and American Life” (1996)

Scavenging the Landscape: Walker Evans and American life By Melissa Rachleff, Originally published in Afterimage, Jan-Feb, 1996 The Great American Depression, spanning the 1930s, inscribed into the culture a psychic crisis. Faith in industrial ingenuity, heralded as “progressive,” came unhinged. By 1933, four years after the stock market crash, one quarter of the work force […]