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ASX.TV: Juergen Teller – “Araki Teller Teller Araki” (2014)

ASX.TV: Juergen Teller – “Araki Teller Teller Araki” (2014)

April 4, 2014, Galerie OstLicht: opening ceremony of the show ARAKI TELLER TELLER ARAKI featuring works of two of the most important photographers of our times: Juergen Teller and Nobuyoshi Araki. The exhibition is showing new works conceived for this joint exhibition and entering into an artistic dialogue. Nobuyoshi Araki and Juergen Teller are united […]

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TOM WOOD: “Men Women” (2013)

Tom Wood – Men Women (Steidl 2013) By Peter Baker, for ASX, July 2014 It is only recently that I discovered the work of Irish born photographer Tom Wood, who, for the better part of four decades has been photographing people in Liverpool and the surrounding county of Merseyside in the UK. These pair of […]



TAKASHI HOMMA: “Adrift in the City of Superflat” (2010)

Adrift in the city of superflat By Marc Feustel, Originally published in FOAM Magazine, brought to ASX by FOAM During the extraordinarily turbulent and dynamic post-war period , Tokyo became a great photographic city: a city with a distinctive, immediately recognizable photographic aesthetic. Just as Paris’s visual identity became intrinsically linked to the humanist photography […]

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ASX.TV: Daido Moriyama – “In Pictures” (2012)

Daido Moriyama uses an ordinary compact camera and never stops shooting. He is one of Japan’s most celebrated photographers. In this film, Daido Moriyama “In Pictures”, we are invited into his studio and takes us on a walk around the atmospheric Shinjuku neighbourhood, his home from home in Tokyo.



DIANE ARBUS: “Diane Arbus” (1991)

Teenage Couple on Hudson Street, NYC, 1963 By Gary Michael Dault, C Magazine #29, Spring 1991 All of us are presumably on such visually familiar turf with the photographs of Diane Arbus that it is hard now to remember what all the upset was about when they were new; hard to remember, for example, that […]


DIANE ARBUS: “V&A’s Diane Arbus ‘Revelations’ Q&A” (2005)

This is an abridged transcript of an online chat session, hosted by V&A Photography Curator Martin Barnes, which took place on Friday 21 October 2005. 2005-10-21 13:56:23 VAModerator Welcome to the V&A’s Diane Arbus Revelations chatroom. Photography Curator Martin Barnes is here to answer as many of your questions as he can. 2005-10-21 13:57:42 MartinBarnes […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Renee Nemerov Brown, Diane Arbus’s Sister”

Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, N.Y.C., 1962 Sister act: Renee Nemerov Brown, Diane Arbus’s sister, has spent her life carving out her own identity. But she does not deny the shadows that darkened their childhood, and which her sister could not escape By Patricia Bosworth Diane Arbus is celebrated for her […]

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WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Preface from Election Eve” (1977),

WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Preface from Election Eve” (1977)

Preface from Election Eve By Lloyd Fonvielle William Eggleston made these photographs in and around Plains, Georgia–and along the route of his journey there from Mississippi–on the eve of the 1976 Presidential election. It might seem obvious why a young photographer who had spent most of his working life recording aspects of the South should […]



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LISE SARFATI: “In the Next Door Room”

By Javier Panera Cuevas Preface to the Exhibition Catalogue, Lise Sarfati – Domus Artium Salamanca The awakening of adolescence has been a recurring theme that has always fascinated a great many visual artists; conflicts of identity, physical metamorphosis, psychological instability, emerging sexual and emotional sensations within young people are all themes which, in particular, have […]

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JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT: “The Art of (Dis)Empowerment” (2000)

JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT AND THE ART OF (DIS)EMPOWERMENT   By Louis Armand,  from a lecture at the Comparative Studies Colloquium, August 30, 2000, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.   When Jean-Michel Basquiat died in 1988 at the age of twenty-seven he had only been painting professionally for seven years, yet the body of work that he left behind […]


CHRIS SHAW: “Life as a Night Porter” (2006)

By Doug Rickard, ASX, June 2010 The graveyard shift is no doubt a motherfucker. You try to force your body and its natural clock over to an artificial one but it never really adjusts so you just live in a weird sort of phantom world where everything is illuminated artificial light.  Perhaps this then makes […]



William Gale Gedney (October 29, 1932 – June 23, 1989) was an American photographer whose work did not gain momentum until after his death.  Gedney died of AIDS in 1989, aged 56, in New York City and was buried in Greenville, New York, a few short miles from his childhood home. He left his photographs and writings to […]


EUGENE ATGET: “Back To The Past – Eugene Atget” (2001)

Zoniers, Porte de Choisy, 1913 By Stephen Longmire, Afterimage, May 2001 It has been 20 years, amazingly enough, since New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) launched its landmark cycle of exhibitions of the work of French photographer Eugene Atget (1857-1927), who spent his last 30 years documenting the architectural record of Paris and […]

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LISETTE MODEL & WEEGEE: “Max Kozloff On Lisette Model (and Weegee)” (2002)

By Max Kozloff, Excerpt from New York: Capital of Photography, 2002 Model’s art is definitely antibourgeois: her judgments indict the middle class’s smugness as well as its selfishness. For example, she depicted a man in profile, seated on the sidewalk, his hat out for coins. Coming toward him and toward the photographer is a horde […]


WALKER EVANS: “Scavenging the Landscape – Walker Evans and American Life” (1996)

Scavenging the Landscape: Walker Evans and American life By Melissa Rachleff, Originally published in Afterimage, Jan-Feb, 1996 The Great American Depression, spanning the 1930s, inscribed into the culture a psychic crisis. Faith in industrial ingenuity, heralded as “progressive,” came unhinged. By 1933, four years after the stock market crash, one quarter of the work force […]

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“Richard Prince @ Lowell” (2014)

Kelly Madison (Profile), 2014 17″ x 22″ c-print mounted on board By Owen Campbell, for ASX, April 2014 For a small audience in a two-room suite on the thirteenth floor of the Manhattan’s Lowell Hotel, Richard Prince showed a series of enlarged prints of screenshots taken from his twitter account. The show, which Prince and […]

ASX.TV: “The Archive of Modern Conflict” (2012)

ASX.TV: “The Archive of Modern Conflict” (2012)

Concealed within a west London house is a huge archive, largely made up of vernacular photographs but also including all manner of other unexpected objects with stories behind them. Timothy Prus and Edwin Jones explain the origin of the collection and pick out some randomly selected examples to give an impression of the extraordinary range […]