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Lewis Baltz on ‘New Topographics and Exhibition ‘Remakes’ (‘A Very Bad Idea’)
Larry Clark on Cutting through the Bullshit and Hypocrisy of America (2007)
KEITH HARING: “The Authorized Biography (EXCERPT) ” (1992)
JAMES WELLING: “James Welling with Jan Tumlir – ’80s Then – Photographer”
INTERVIEW: “Interview with Lewis Baltz – Photography is a Political Technology of the Gaze” (1993)
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INTERVIEW: Larry Clark on ‘The Internet’ (excerpt) (2013)
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INTERVIEW: “Oral History Interview with John Baldessari” (1992)
INTERVIEW: “Oral History Interview with Imogen Cunningham – June 9th, 1975″
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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Lewis Baltz”
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