ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Interview with Wolfgang Tillmans at Fondation Beyeler” (2014)

ASX.TV: Interview with Wolfgang Tillmans at Fondation Beyeler (2014)

The current exhibition of Fondation Beyeler’s collection presents important new acquisitions, including works by the German artist Wolfgang Tillmans. Tillmans was the first photographer to win the Turner Prize (in 2000). In this interview, Wolfgang Tillmans talks about the works on display (among others: Ostgut Freischwimmer, right and Ostgut Freischwimmer, links; Munuwata Sky; Transit of […]

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What They Are – A Conversation With Wolfgang Tillmans (2001)

Blushes #28, 2000 “Ever since I started printing in 1990, I’ve been collecting things that went wrong in the darkroom.” By Nathan Kernan, from “What They Are” originally published in Art On Paper, May-Jun 2001 Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans was born in 1968, in Rem­scheid, Germany, a small town not far from Dusseldorf. He moved to Hamburg after […]


ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Wolfgang Tillmans” (German) (2013)

Since the late 1980s, Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968), the medium evolved as one of the most important artists of his generation to Photography crucial aspects and redefined as an art form. The art collection of North Rhine Westphalia is a long overdue survey of the work that includes previously never to be seen early drawings […]

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “MAVI Exhibition” (2013)

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “MAVI Exhibition” (2013)

Visual Arts Museum-MAVI July 19 to October 20, 2013 For the first time in Chile presents Wolfgang Tillmans, one of the most outstanding artists in the current contemporary photography scene, which has been reflected in the Prize Turner 2000, being so far the only non-English artist who gets this award. His exhibitions have been presented […]

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Wolfgang Tillmans” (2013)

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Wolfgang Tillmans” (2013)

Since the late 1980s, Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968), has evolved as one of the most important artists of his generation, contributing crucial aspects of photography which became redefined as an art form. From the art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia is a long overdue survey exhibition, which includes previously never before seen early drawings and other […]

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Wolfgang Tillmans “Neue Welt (New World)” (2012)

    There is a very careful eye at work in these pages, and the photographs mesh even though they shouldn’t.   Imagined, Imaged, Believed, or Dreamed By Paul Loomis, ASX, January 2012 Wolfgang Tillmans’ Neue Welt (New World) is littered with diverse images that are fearlessly juxtaposed. On the surface they seem to examine […]


Wolfgang Tillmans – Turner Prize Chat Transcript (2000)

“In general, my work is about representing the world that I live in.”   Wolfgang Tillmans was announced as the winner of The Turner Prize 2000. He took part in an online webchat on 1st December 2000 at the Channel 4 website. The following is a transcript of the interview. Wolfgang Tillmans: Hello this is […]

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Ursuppe And Other Garden Pictures” (2012)

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Ursuppe And Other Garden Pictures” (2012)

The Serpentine Gallery Garden Marathon was the sixth in the Gallery’s acclaimed Marathon series. This two-day event explored the concept of the garden. Wolfgang Tillmans is a German photographer and artist who lives and works in London and Berlin. Motivated by aesthetic and political concerns and interested in formulations of reality and truth claims, his […]


WOLFGANG TILLMANS: “Russell Ferguson on Wolfgang Tillmans” (2005)

Smokin’Jo, 1995 By Russell Ferguson “The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough.” Ezra Pound Wolfgang Tillmans has consistently pushed back against whatever perceptions of his work seem most current. If he is thought of as a casual, snapshot photographer, he produces a book of formal portraits. If he […]