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THOMAS RUFF: “photograms”

r.phg.03, 2012 In his recent work, Ruff engages with the photogram, the cameraless technique advanced by Man Ray, László Moholy-Nagy, and others in the early twentieth century. The photograms series depict abstract shapes, lines, and spirals in seemingly random formations with varying degrees of transparency and illumination. Both the objects and the light in Ruff’s photograms […]

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff at David Zwirner – “photograms and ma.r.s” (2013)

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff at David Zwirner – “photograms and ma.r.s” (2013)

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of two bodies of works by Thomas Ruff, including the world premiere of the series photograms. On view in the gallery’s 525 and 533 West 19th Street spaces in New York, this will be the photographer’s seventh solo show since he joined David Zwirner in 2000 Thomas Ruff photograms and ma.r.s. March […]

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff – “Thomas RUFF at David Zwirner Gallery” (2014)

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff – “Thomas RUFF at David Zwirner Gallery” (2014)

  We first discovered photograms some two years ago when we interviewed Adam Fuss about his captivating and monumental images created using biological products. We then met Alison Rossiter at AIPAD and talked to her about her monochromatic color fields inspired by Richard Serra’s exhibition at the Met. Thomas Ruff’s photograms at David Zwirner Gallery. […]

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THOMAS RUFF: “Aesthetic of the Pixel” (2008)

Ruff has done a great deal to introduce into photographic art what we might call an ‘art of the pixel’, allowing us to contemplate at an aesthetic and philosophical level the basic condition of the electronic image.   By David Campany, originally published in IANN magazine No.2, 2008 The photographic art of Thomas Ruff makes […]

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REVIEW: Thomas Ruff – “photograms and ma.r.s.” (2013)

3D-ma.r.s.08, 2013, courtesy of David Zwirner, NYC By Vladimir Gintoff, ASX NYC, April 2013 The German photographer Thomas Ruff is the anomalous schoolchild of the Dusseldorf Art Academy and Bernd and Hilla Becher’s tutelage. Breaking and reinventing the rules of photography for over three decades, his body of work remains peerless in its insight, diversity […]

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff – “Stellar Landscapes” (2011)

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff – “Stellar Landscapes” (2011)

THOMAS RUFF – STELLAR LANDSCAPES Der Düsseldorfer Fotokünstler Thomas Ruff gehört neben Thomas Struth, Axel Hütte, Candida Höfer und Andreas Gursky zu den erfolgreichsten deutschen Künstlern der Gegenwart. Über zwei Jahre durften wir den Künstler im Atelier, beim Fotografieren, beim Rahmenbauer und der Bildbearbeitung begleiten. Entstanden ist ein 50minütiger Dokumentarfilm für unsere DVD EDITION MEDIA […]

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Gil Blank and Thomas Ruff Discuss ‘Portraits’ (2004)

“In a way I wanted to blot out any traces or information about the person in front of the camera. I also wanted to indicate that the viewer is not face-to-face with a real person.”   Gil Blank with Thomas Ruff, originally published in Influence Magazine, Issue 2, 2004 Gil Blank: Many of the portraits […]

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff – “Surfaces, Depths” (2009)

ASX.TV: Thomas Ruff – “Surfaces, Depths” (2009)

  Surfaces and Depths.  Photographs by Thomas Ruff. Edited by Gerald Matt. Text by Catherine Hug, Douglas Fogle, Kurt W. Forster, Gerald Matt. Verlag fur Moderne Kunst Nurnberg, 2009.   Cat# DQ331    ISBN-13: 978-3941185500 


INTERVIEW: “Thomas Ruff talks to Philip Pocock” (1993)

Thomas Ruff talks to Philip Pocock (1993) Philip Pocock: Unlike the Neue Sachlichkeit of Sander or Renger-Patzsch, there is a clear crisis of belief in the objectivity of your medium in your work. True or false? Thomas Ruff: It’s both. It’s true and false. They also used the camera as an instrument to take pictures. […]