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 from American Surfaces @ Stephen Shore   “They can be one-liners, essentially.” – Stephen Shore   Excerpt from “LIVING TODAY: Stephen Shore’s Internal Revolutions” What has interested me most in the past half-year has been Instagram. For the past couple weeks I’ve been very busy and haven’t posted a lot, but I went for perhaps […]

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore in Conversation (2014)

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore in Conversation (2014)

“Survey” by Stephen Shore is available online here: On October 7, 2014, Aperture Foundation joined photographer Stephen Shore for a conversation with Peter Schjeldahl, acclaimed art critic and staff writer at The New Yorker. The two discussed the work that spans Shore’s impressive and productive career, in light of his first-ever retrospective exhibition at […]

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Behind the Mythology” (2013)

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Behind the Mythology” (2013)

Stephen Shore is truly the photographers’ photographer. For over forty years, he has contributed his gift to the creative world through books, exhibitions and professorship. In this short documentary interview, Imagista’s director Heidi Hartwig dispels the mystery of the man behind the mythology. ASX CHANNEL: STEPHEN SHORE


STEPHEN SHORE: “The Landscape of Stephen Shore at the ICP” (2007)

From the series American Surfaces The Landscape of Stephen Shore at the ICP By Carl Gunhouse, May 22, 2007 Looking at Stephen Shore’s large-format pictures of America, it might be hard to believe the images were once controversial. In retrospect, the pictures look to be squarely located in a rather clear history, starting with Carlton […]


INTERVIEW: “Stephen Shore with Noah Sheldon and Roger White” (2005)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July, 1972 By Noah Sheldon and Roger White Noah Sheldon: I heard a lecture once where you said that when you teach, you try to think about how you felt when you were the student’s age. Stephen Shore: Or at that place. Sheldon: Right. Shore: I see myself in the role of […]

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Interview – American Surfaces” (2011)

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Interview – American Surfaces” (2011)

An interview shot on location at the Armory Show in New York with acclaimed photographer Stephen Shore. Stephen discusses his formative years working closely with Andy Warhol at The Factory and the New York art scene before he began the epic journey that introduced colour photography to the art world.   ASX CHANNEL: STEPHEN SHORE  

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STEPHEN SHORE: “Uncommon Places” (2004)

In 1982, a slender yet hugely impressive version of Uncommon Places was released. Its impact was felt almost immediately, forever changing the course of art photography, and securing Stephen Shore a place within the canon of photographic history.   By Aaron Schuman, originally published in Modern Painters, Spring 2004 Few teenage boys possess the confidence […]


STEPHEN SHORE: “NRW-Forum Düsseldorf – Der Rote Bulli (The Red Bus)” (2010)

Church and Second Streets, Easton, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1974 Der Rote Bulli. Stephen Shore and the New Düsseldorf Photography, September 11, 2010 – January 16, 2011 For the 2010 Quadrennial, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is focusing for the first time on an important chapter in the recent history of photography: the transatlantic influence on photography in […]

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Biographical Landscape” (2010)

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Biographical Landscape” (Italy) (2010)

164 fotografie di Stephen Shore, classe 1947, sono allestite al museo di Roma in Trastevere fino al 25 aprile. Biographical Landscape è una passeggiata nei luoghi insoliti dell’America dell’ovest negli anni 70. Al centro dei suoi scatti più delle persone, i motel, i parcheggi e le loro storie, le strade sconnesse e quelle infinite, soggetti […]

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Paris” (2010)

ASX.TV: Stephen Shore – “Paris” (2010) caught up with the legendary American colour photographer, Stephen Shore, in Paris in the summer of 2010. Hear how he came to photography and how his friendship with Andy Warhol influenced him as an artist.

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An Uncommon Interview with Stephen Shore (2007)

By Ben Sloat Big, RED & Shiny, April 8, 2007 Stephen Shore is a prominent photographer and photographic educator. A pioneer in the field of color photography, Shore has published numerous books of photography, included his seminal book, Uncommon Places, published in 1982 (reissued in 2004). He has also been director of the photography program […]