Robert Frank

American, born November 9, 1924


Robert Frank’s “From the Bus” (1958)

  In the summer of 1958, several months before The Americans made its debut in France, Frank began experimenting with moving pictures. But before turning wholeheartedly to filmmaking, he made another series of still photographs, From the Bus. After the unparalleled freedom of the Americans project, Frank vastly restricted his point of view by shooting these […]

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ROBERT FRANK: “Unpleasant Connections” (1991)

U.S. 90, en route to Del Rio, Texas @ Robert Frank By James Guimond, excerpt from American Photography and the American Dream, 1991 All the 1950’s signs of democracy, prosperity, popular culture, and success are in The Americans – the flags, cars, jukeboxes, cowboys, teenagers on dates, motorcycles, television sets, political conventions, movie and television […]

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ASX.TV: Fire in the East: A Portrait of Robert Frank (1986)

Fire in the East: A Portrait of Robert Frank presents an intimate view of four decades of Frank’s life, films, and photographs. Many people with whom he has worked in the past are interviewed, including Allen Ginsberg, Emile de Antonio, Jonas Mekas, and Rudy Wurlitzer. Frank’s current thoughts on his life and art are also […]

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REVIEW: Robert Frank – “Park/Sleep” (2013)

From Park / Sleep by Robert Frank published by Steidl Robert Frank – Park/Sleep – REVIEW By Fanny Landstrom for ASX, July 2013 Many of us carry a notebook in our pocket, or an iPhone at least, where we might collect our thoughts, photographs, and pieces of reading that we pick up along the way. […]

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JOHN SZARKOWSKI: “On Robert Frank’s Book ‘The Americans'” (1986)

contact sheet from The Americans   “I saw it I suppose very shortly after it was published, when I was still working as a photographer myself, and it was, frankly, shocking. I sensed the power in it, and the authority about it but there was much about it that I didn’t like… The Americans was […]


REVIEW: Robert Frank – “Valencia 1952″ (2012)

REVIEW: Robert Frank – Valencia 1952 (2012) By Fanny Landstrom, ASX UK, April 2013 ‘”There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment” In 1952, the Swiss born photographer Robert Frank leaves his job and his then current habitat New York to travel with his family to Europe. For many months […]


Robert Frank Interviewed at Wellesley College (1977)

“It was logical for me to get off doing still photography after becoming a success at it. I think it would just become a repeat—I would repeat myself.” An interview with Robert Frank, from one of ten symposiums at Wellesley College 1977 called “Photography within the Humanities”. Robert Frank: I’m just trying to, as they say, find […]


A Statement by Robert Frank (1958)

Detroit River Rouge Plant, 1955   With these photographs, I have attempted to show a cross-section of the American population. My effort was to express it simply and without confusion.   By Robert Frank, U.S. Camera Annual, p. 115, 1958 I am grateful to the Guggenheim Foundation for their confidence and the provisions they made […]

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ROBERT FRANK: “Sick of Goodby’s” (1978)

Sick of Goodby’s, Mabou, 1978, Robert Frank   Paint dripping from a mirror like blood. I’m sick of goodbyes.     By Lou Reed, originally published in Tate Magazine, Issue 2, Autumn, 2004 I was looking at Robert Frank’s photograph Sick of Goodby’s in his book The Lines of My Hand. Moments before I had been […]


INTERVIEW: Robert Frank – “Highway ’61 Revisited” (1987)

Robert Frank in ‘Home Improvements’ Interview with photographer Robert Frank, Film Comment, August 1987 By Marlaine Glicksman “I’d like to make a film which would mingle the private aspects of my life with my work, which is public by definition… how the two poles of this dichotomy join, interlace, are at variance , and fight […]

ASX.TV: Streetwise – “Robert Frank and The Americans” (2011)

ASX.TV: Streetwise – “Robert Frank and The Americans” (2011)

Streetwise builds on Swiss photographer Robert Frank’s snapshot aesthetic, which gained attention following the release of his groundbreaking book, The Americans in 1959. Frank’s focus on a more personal documentary style influenced a new generation of photographers, including legendaries such as Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, Jerry Berndt, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Garry Winogrand, Bruce Davidson, Danny Lyon […]


HUGH EDWARDS: “Letter to Robert Frank” (1960)

Photograph by Hugh Edwards Originally published in DoubleTake Magazine, Summer 1996 May 23, 1960 Mr. Robert Frank, 34 Third Avenue, New York City, New York. Dear Mr. Frank: It seems so long since I was in New York and talked with you on the telephone that I am afraid you have forgotten the conversations we […]

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INTERVIEW: "Thomas Kern – A Drug Free Land" (2011)

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California, 2003 Thomas Kern – Interview A DRUG FREE LAND By Christian Reister, 2011, originally published by Seconds2Real Q: Thomas, tell us a little about your photographic career. TK: I became fascinated by photography at an early age. At home, there was a camera, but it was rarely taken out of […]

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ROBERT FRANK: “The Photographer in the Beat-Hipster Idiom – Robert Frank’s The Americans”

from ‘The Americans’ @ Robert Frank   Frank’s personality, described by Joyce Johnson as a blend of “European dourness and pessimistic wit,” certainly helped to focus his photographic vision.   By George Cotkin, Professor, Postwar United States Intellectual and Cultural History, California Polytechnic State University Few analysts have captured the sadness, tensions, ironies and possibilities […]

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ROBERT FRANK: “Robert Frank’s America” (1982)

By Jno Cook, originally published in Afterimage, March, 1982 “What do you want from a county with only two hundred years of history?” – My Father Robert Frank’s The Americans, which I think is the most important single effort in photography in this century, is also the most enigmatic. For 24 years the book has […]


Walker Evans and Robert Frank – An Essay on Influence by Tod Papageorge (1981)

Robert Frank, Trolley- New Orleans, 1956   Frank has consistently stated that Walker Evans (along with Bill Brandt) was the photographer who most influenced his work.   By Tod Papageorge The purpose of this monograph is to describe the influence of Walker Evans’ American Photographs (1938) on The Americans (1959) of Robert Frank. To do […]

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ROBERT FRANK: “Dissecting the American Image” (1986)

Detroit, Belle Isle, 1955 By Jno Cook for Exposure Magazine, Volume 24, Number 1, Spring 1986 What a poem this is, what poems can be written about this book of pictures some day… — Jack Kerouac When I first saw Frank’s photographs in The Americans [1] I understood nothing of them — yet they demanded […]