ASX.TV: Paul Graham – “Pittsburgh” (2010)

ASX.TV: Paul Graham – “Pittsburgh” (2010)

Paul Graham’s work belongs to the tradition of social documentary photography. He developed an innovate artistic work whose view is directed uncompromisingly at social reality. For he speaks about one single series called PITTSBURGH which is exibited in a big show of Grahams work: ASX CHANNEL: PAUL GRAHAM


PAUL GRAHAM: “A Shimmer of Possibility” (2009)

New Orleans (Woman Eating), 2004 By Michael Almereyda Arranged on a shelf, or stacked flat, the twelve slender books comprising Paul Graham’s A Shimmer of Possibility make for an alluring chromatic spectacle. The bindings are uniform, but their colors range across three shades of green, two grays and two purples, bright red, blue, orange, brown. […]

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INTERVIEW: “Paul Graham with Richard Woodward” (2007)

Pittsburgh, 2004   “I have no problem with that. I don’t want to feign being intimate with somebody I meet 5 minutes ago.”   Interview with Richard Woodward, New York City, June 2007 RW: Let’s start with this new book, which is actually a series of books, and work backwards. How did the project originate? […]

Paul Graham New Orleans 2005 Cajun Corner from a shimmer of possibility_TopCarousselLandscape

PAUL GRAHAM: “Sliding Sight, Setting Suns” (2008)

  Here, amid the irregular cadences of Shimmer, ideas are framed with pellucidity and lightness; photographs are the conscious form that ideas then permeate.   By David Chandler, excerpt from ‘A Thing There Was That Mattered’, from the book ‘Paul Graham’ published by steidlMACK, 2009   ‘He is not heroic, he is aware that modern […]

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PAUL GRAHAM: “The Unreasonable Apple” (2010)

From Beyond Caring, 1984-1985 By Paul Graham This month I read a review in a leading US Art Magazine of a Jeff Wall survey book, praising how he had distinguished himself from previous art photography by: “Carefully constructing his pictures as provocative often open ended vignettes, instead of just snapping his surroundings” Anyone who cares about […]


PAUL GRAHAM: “End of an Age” (2000)

End of An Age # 34, 1997 By David Levi Strauss, Originally Published in ArtForum, March 2000 Paul Graham’s latest series, “End of an Age,” 1999, consists of forty-nine large color photographs of twenty-somethings hanging out in clubs somewhere in Western Europe or the US (Edinburgh? Munich? Helsinki? New York? Graham refuses to specify). Most […]


PAUL GRAHAM: “Photography is Easy, Photography is Difficult” (2009)

(The text was written for the Yale MFA photography graduation book – Yale MFA Photography 2009: We Belong Together) By Paul Graham It’s so easy it’s ridiculous. It’s so easy that I can’t even begin – I just don’t know where to start. After all, it’s just looking at things. We all do that. It’s […]