ASX.TV: Nan Goldin – “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency”

ASX.TV: MOCA.TV – Nan Goldin – “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency”

Mixing an in-depth interview with slides of her career-defining work, this video presents the strategies and stakes of Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency: “I didn’t care about good photography, I cared about complete honesty,” Goldin says. Certainly, from its elastic life as slideshow series exhibited across the globe, to its structured legacy as […]

ASX.TV: Nan Goldin – “TateShots” (2014)

ASX.TV: Nan Goldin – “TateShots” (2014)

‘My work has always come from empathy and love’ says American photographer Nan Goldin. Goldin began taking photographs as a teenager in Boston, Massachusetts. Her earliest works, black-and-white images of drag queens, were celebrations of the subcultural lifestyle of the community to which she belonged and which she continued to document throughout the 1990s. During […]

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American photographer. Goldin began taking photographs as a teenager in Boston, MA. During a period of study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, she began displaying her work in the format of a slide-show, an evolving project that would later be called The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. (All rights reserved. […]


NAN GOLDIN: “Among Friends” (1992)

Jimmy Paulette and Tabboo in the Bathroom, NYC, 1991 By Carole Naggar, originally appeared in Mother Jones, Jan-Feb 1992 Secrets. They are at the heart of her work. Nan Goldin thinks we should not keep secrets to ourselves, or they will start seething like pus, infecting us and the society we live in, one of […]

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Nan Goldin on Cookie Mueller (2001)

“AIDS changed everything in my life. There’s life before AIDS, and after AIDS.”   By Nan Goldin, for The Digital Journalist, 20 Years: Aids & Photography, 2001, brought to ASX in partnership with The Digital Journalist AIDS changed everything in my life. There’s life before AIDS, and after AIDS. We were in Fire Island that […]

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Nan Goldin’s Bohemian Ballads (2003)

Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a Taxi, NYC, 1991   “People commonly think of the photographer as a voyeur, but this is my party, I’m not crashing.”   Excerpt from, Phototextualities: Intersections of Photography and Narrative, University of Mexico Press, 2003 By Alex Hughes and Andrea Noble The work of the American artist Nan Goldin, […]


JEAN-CHRISTIAN BOURCART: “Nan Goldin on Jean-Christian Bourcart” (2002)

Nan Goldin on Jean-Christian Bourcart (2002) Nan Goldin, Paris, April, 2002 I first saw Jean-Christian Bourcart’s photos ten years ago in the home of my former dealer Gilles Dusein, in his little apartment on rue du Repos overlooking Père Lachaise. Gilles, whose ashes are now dispersed in the famous cemetery, had just begun to represent […]