Lewis Baltz on ‘New Topographics and Exhibition ‘Remakes’ (‘A Very Bad Idea’)

39, WEST WALL, SMICOA, 333 MCCORMICK, COSTA MESA © LEWIS BALTZ, IP 39, FROM THE SERIES “NEW INDUSTRIAL PARKS, NEAR IRVINE, CALIFORNIA”, 1974; STEIDL   Interview (excerpt) with Lewis Baltz Conducted by Matt Witkovsky At Baltz’s home in Paris, France. 2009 November 15-17 MR. BALTZ: You aspire to making something – at least at the time, […]

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz – “Contacts”

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz – “Contacts”

Lewis Baltz (born September 12, 1945) is a visual artist and well known photographer who became an important figure in the New Topographic movement of the late 1970s. Baltz graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute in 1969 and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Claremont Graduate School. […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Lewis Baltz” (2009)

Tract House No. 22, 1971   “If you wanted to work in the vein of Walker Evans, you could do very well at Yale. But if you didn’t want to do that, you were just – you’re kind of left alone.”   Oral history interview with Lewis Baltz, 2009 Nov. 15-17 An interview of Lewis […]

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz “At Albertina” (2013)

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz “At Albertina” (2013)

In the 1970s Lewis Baltz revolutionized fine-art landscape photography with motifs that had previously not been thought worth depicting, such as deserted industrial buildings, suburban housing developments, and devastated peripheries. In formally rigid photographs he has defamiliarized architectural motifs to such an extent that they turn into almost abstract forms and surfaces. This utterly precise […]

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A Conversation Between Lewis Baltz and John Gossage (2010)

From Lewis Baltz Works (2010), Lewis Baltz   “For me the word ‘photographer’ talks about the means of delivering certain kinds of information, feelings and such. If you’re consistently focused on the means of delivery, it means you’re not getting the message across very clearly.” – John Gossage   Interview by Monte Packham Lewis Baltz […]

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LEWIS BALTZ: “Notes on Recent Industrial Developments in Southern California” (1974)

“Construction Detail, East Wall, Xerox, 1821 Dyer Road, Santa Ana,” 1974 from “The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California.” Gelatin silver print. (Lewis Baltz/Courtesy Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne)   When Baltz’s series “The Tract Houses” was exhibited at the International Museum of Photography in 1972, photographs by Bernd and Hilla Becher purposely appeared in an […]

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz – “In the Desert” (2010)

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz – “In the Desert” (2010)

“Lewis Baltz: In the Desert” features 29 photographs from the internationally renowned photographer’s series “Nevada” and “Near Reno.” An icon of contemporary photography, Baltz took the black-and-white images of construction sites and abandoned areas in the northern Nevada desert region between 1977 and 1986. Many of the images in “Lewis Baltz: In the Desert” are […]

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz – “Contacts Vol. 2″

ASX.TV: Lewis Baltz – “Contacts Vol. 2″

Contacts Vol. 2: The Renewal of Contemporary Photography The main idea of the project is to show the viewer not just photos of the author, but also to listen to him, talking about his creative path, on global matters, giving inspiration to the author, about the experiences and emotional lines of his work, some of […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Lewis Baltz”

Interview with Lewis Baltz: Jean-Pierre Greff and Elisabeth Milon ‘Photography is a Political Technology of the Gaze’ The photographer Lewis Baltz, originally from California, has spent the past thirty years, mainly in urban and suburban surroundings, bringing out what would otherwise remain below the surface, marginalized, rejected or that indeed that would exist solely as […]