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Francis Bacon’s Last Interview – On Violence, Meat and Photography

Painting, 1946 Oil and pastel on linen. Dimensions: 6′ 5 7/8″ x 52″ (197.8 x 132.1 cm) “We are born with a scream; we come into life with a scream, and maybe love is a mosquito net between the fear of living and the fear of death.”   Excerpts from Francis Bacon: I Painted to […]

ASX.TV: Francis Bacon – “The Art of Francis Bacon”

ASX.TV: Francis Bacon – “The Art of Francis Bacon”

Produced in association with the Estate of Francis Bacon, this film explores many of his key canvases (which have been newly filmed in Hi-Definition). The works are complemented solely with Bacon’s own words, recorded by an actor. The artist’s biography is outlined, but the focus is on his ideas: his thoughts about his work, and […]

ASX.TV: Francis Bacon – “The South Bank Show”

ASX.TV: Francis Bacon – “The South Bank Show”

Part of The South Bank Show series, David Hinton directs this documentary about British painter Francis Bacon, known for his horrifying portraits of humanity. The program consists of a series of conversations between Bacon and interviewer Melvyn Bragg, starting with commentary during a side-show presentation at the Tate Gallery in London. Later in the evening, […]

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Francis Bacon and ‘Narrative’, the Natural Enemy of Vision

Painting, 1946   “I do not want to avoid telling a story, but I want very, very much to do the thing that Valery said – to give the sensation without the boredom of its conveyance. And the moment the story enters, the boredom comes upon you.” – Francis Bacon   By Ernst Van Alphen, […]

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ASX EXHIBIT: Francis Bacon – “Survey”

Artist Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 – 28 April 1992) is largely known for his grotesque, graphic and emotionally raw imagery. Bacon’s abstracted figures typically appear enclosed within glass or steel geometrical cages and set against flat, nondescript backgrounds. These writhing figures, often violently treated, appear to be isolated by their internal anxiety. After the […]