ASX.TV: Asger Carlsen – “Vice Studio Visit” (2013)

ASX.TV: Asger Carlsen – “Vice Studio Visit” (2013)

We visit Asger Carlsen in his studio in Chinatown and talk to him about his life, his work, and why he is a lazy artist who is obsessed with making art. To get a closer look at his creative process, we follow him as he photographs a model in his studio, and we chat about […]


Asger Carlsen – “Hester” (2012)

 “I am tired of photography.” – Asger Carlsen   By Paul Loomis, ASX, February 2013 Asger Carlsen’s new book, Hester, features twenty-one impossible photographs.  Their subjects are almost humorously mangled yet unbloodied human bodies.  The first image is a pile of plump flesh with stretch marks, mounded in globs atop a bipod consisting of an […]


An Inversion Taking Place in Asger Carlsen’s ‘Wrong’ (2010)

 Yes, we don’t so much like these “gross” ones, the odd color ones and the misshapen ones.  By Doug Rickard There is an inversion taking place here in that which is Wrong. Yes, an inversion taking place as elements and features, constructed from “normal ones”, are twisted into creatures. Replace and deface, erase and retrace, […]