ASX Interviews Antoine d’Agata – ‘A Simple Desire to Exist’ (2014)

“Mine is an entirely solitary pursuit as most of my time is being spent on the road, on the streets and in hotel rooms in anonymous cities.”   Antoine D’Agata. A simple desire to exist. A conversation with Raphael Shammaa,.Translated from French. New York, February 7, 2014 Raphael Shammaa: How do you feel discussing your work […]

ASX.TV: Antoine d’Agata – “Interview” (2013)

ASX.TV: Antoine d’Agata – “Interview” (2013)

“I never wanted to accept the position of the observer who is not involved in the situation. The technique and the aesthetics do not matter to me. Only the essence of what is happening is important to me. Here, for example, blurred pictures, they have appeared because for years I was shooting while being drunk.” […]

ASX.TV: Antoine d’Agata – “Anticorpi” (Italian) (2013)

ASX.TV: Antoine d’Agata – “Anticorps” (2013)

Uno dei personaggi più controversi nel panorama della fotografia contemporanea, con un approccio all’immagine esplicito, diretto, carnale. La Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia di Milano ospita “Anticorpi”, la personale di Antoine D’Agata (fino al 1 settembre 2013) con una selezione di foto scattate negli ultimi 15 anni della sua attività. “E’ uno strano mix di […]


REVIEW: Two Perspectives on Antoine d’Agata’s – “ANTICORPS” at Le Bal (2013)

By Guillaume Blanc, ASX Paris, February 2013 Antoine d’Agata – The drifting mankind With the exhibition Anticorps, Le Bal shows, from 24th January to 14th april 2013, the work of Antoine d’Agata under the form of a monumental installation. The ground floor is conceived as an airlock of acclimatization prior to encountering  the stark violence […]

ASX.TV: Antoine d’Agata – “Anticorps” (2012)

ASX.TV: Antoine d’Agata – “Anticorps” (2012)

Antoine d’Agata – Anticorps – Te zien van 26 mei t/m 2 september 2012 in het Fotomuseum Den Haag – Antoine d’Agata – Anticorps – On view from 26 May until 2 September 2012 at The Hague Museum of Photography – Video: Studio Gerrit Schreurs Volg/Follow Fotomuseum Den Haag:


ANTOINE D’AGATA: “Until the World No Longer Exists” (2004)

  “What we see is not made up of what we are seeing but rather from what we are. “ Fernando Pessoa By Antoine d’Agata, 2004 The night, the sex, the wandering… and the need to photograph it all, not so much the perceived act but more like a simple exposure to common and even […]

ASX.TV: Antoine D’Agata – “Musée Nicéphore Niépce – Expos de février à mai 2011″ (2011)

ASX.TV: Antoine D’Agata – “Musée Nicéphore Niépce – Expos de février à mai 2011″ (2011)

Musée Nicéphore Niépce Chalon sur Saône 12 février – 15 mai 2011 Ice : Photographies et documents d’Antoine d’Agata La photographie d’Antoine d’Agata est plus suggestion qu’identification, plus évocation que représentation. Fruits d’errances nocturnes associées à une part d’inconscience, conséquence de psychotropes, ces images versent dans le flou, la fuite jusqu’à un lyrisme noir, profond […]


ANTOINE D’AGATA: “Empty Shell Walking” (2009)

By Doug Rickard, for ASX, March 2009 It would seem that Antoine D’Agata is an empty shell walking, a living thing yes, a tortured adventuring heartbeat, yes… perhaps a sort of hybrid man-beast animal behind glass… one that seeks, that follows its urges and never finds satisfaction. The taste for more is potent, the drive […]