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 Andy Warhol, Polaroids @ The Warhol Foundation “Because of Andy Warhol, it’s no longer possible to just do what you do and not have to act it out 24 hours a day. His style of doing things changed everybody’s idea of what the values were that could make you a star. And as a result […]

Andy Warhol at Studio 54

Shopping with Andy Warhol (1988)

    There was no logical reason to limit the collection, for any reasons of quantity or bulk.   Shopping with Andy By Stuart Pivar, originally published in volume five of the Sotheby’s Andy Warhol Collection 1988 auction catalogue Andy Warhol loved to buy art. We used to go shopping for it together for a […]

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INTERVIEW: “Inside Andy Warhol’ (1966)

Liz, 1965 @ Andy Warhol Estate A few minutes after we arrived, the silver door to the Factory opened and Andy Warhol stepped in to offer us an inanimate handshake.   Inside Andy Warhol By Sterling McIlhenny and Peter Ray The following interview with Andy Warhol appeared in the men’s magazine, Cavalier, in 1966. To […]

ASX.TV: “Andy Warhol’s Race Riot, 1964″

ASX.TV: “Andy Warhol’s Race Riot, 1964″

Andy Warhol’s Race Riot, 1964, is a powerful statement on the historical oppression of African-Americans. On this 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, it remains as compelling and relevant as ever. Christie’s will offer this painting in its May 13 Post-War + Contemporary auction in New York.

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Andy Warhol Interviewed by Bourdon (EXCERPT) (1962)

Dollar Sign, circa 1981 By Kenneth Goldsmith, Wayne Kostenbaum and Reva Wolf, excerpt from I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews From an interview with David Bourdon, 1962-63 WARHOL: Am I really doing anything new? BOURDON: You are doing something new in making exclusive use of second-hand images. In transliterating newspaper or magazine […]

ASX.TV: Andy Warhol – “The Complete Picture” (2002)

ASX.TV: Andy Warhol – “The Complete Picture” (2002)

Campbell’s soup cans, drug addicts-turned-celebrities and a Day-Glo Marilyn Monroe: these are some of the groundbreaking images from Andy Warhol’s artistic vision. This program offers the definitive look at the life and creative world of a revolutionary who influenced the 20th century in everything from painting to film to music. Capturing the essence of Warhol’s […]

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INTERVIEW: Andy Warhol – “Modern Myths” (excerpt) (1981)

Jean-Micheal Basquiat This excerpt is from an interview with Andy Warhol, conducted in Warhol’s Factory in 1981, that was originally published in Arts Magazine (October 1981). Barry Blinderman: As a portraitist, what do you feel is most important to express? Andy Warhol: I always try to make the person look good. It’s easier if you […]

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“I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re beautiful. Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” – Andy Warhol Each day during his final decade, the King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, photographed the celebrities, starlets, and acolytes that he called friends, accumulating tens of thousands of images before his untimely […]



From 1970 to 1987 Andy Warhol took scores of Polaroid photographs, the vast majority of which were never seen by the public. These images often served as the basis for his commissioned portraits, silk-screen paintings, drawings, and prints. EXPLORE ALL ANDY WARHOL ON ASX (All images @ Andy Warhol Foundation)

ASX.TV: Andy Warhol – “Discussing Andy Warhol’s Polaroids” (2011)

ASX.TV: Andy Warhol – “Discussing Andy Warhol’s Polaroids” (2011)

Video from the Nelson Gallery’s Open House at our new location at Nelson Hall (the former University Club) on January 15, 2011. Twenty community members gave 5-minute presentations about a work of their choice from American Gothic: Regionalist Portraiture from the Collection. This is Ianna Frisby discussing Andy Warhol’s Polaroids of Maria Shriver, Rhonda Ross, […]

ASX.TV: Andy Warhol – “Andy Warhol’s Factory People”

ASX.TV: Andy Warhol – “Andy Warhol’s Factory People”

This mini-series takes an in-depth look at the lives and times of the unique people who spent exclusive time with Andy Warhol and worked at the Factory during the silver sixties, making it all click as a new counter-culture arose and began to exert its influence throughout the arts scene in New York. Features never […]