The Rhine II 1999 by Andreas Gursky born 1955

Andreas Gursky and ‘The Iron Cage of Boredom’

The Rhine II, 1999 Here they all seem somewhat boring, or somehow ruined by human presence and human artifacts.   The Iron Cage of Boredom By Julian Stallabrass There is something very straightforward about Andreas Gursky’s photographs. It is as though he holds up a peopled landscape or a building or a workplace for our […]

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Gursky’s Epic Panorama” (2013)

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Gursky’s Epic Panorama” (2013)

Alex Branczik and Olivia Thornton discuss Paris Montparnasse, one of the artist’s most spectacular and seminal works, which leads the Contemporary Art Evening Auction in London on 17 October. Executed in 1993, and marking a critical turning point in Gursky’s career, the work presents one of the very first digitally manipulated images which would go […]

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf” (German) (2013)

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf” (German) (2013)

ANDREAS GURSKY to 03 February 2012 – Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf The Düsseldorf-based artist Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer next one, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth to the internationally most significant contemporary photographic artists. With its large format, but also by its impressive precision, Andreas Gursky seems to dissolve the concept of photography and again to question the […]


ANDREAS GURSKY: “From a World’s Spirit’s Eye View” (2007)

Dubai World III By Stefan Beyst INTRODUCTION After the big retrospective in the MoMA 2001, a new big show in the Munich ‘Haus der Kunst’ is dedicated to the photographer whose ’99 cent II Diptychon’ (1999) has recently been auctioned at Sotheby’s for $3,346,456 – the highest price ever paid for a photograph: Andreas Gursky. […]


ANDREAS GURSKY: “New York Stock Exchange” (1991)

  Executed in 1991, Andreas Gursky’s New York Stock Exchange is one of the earliest examples and, at the time, largest of Andreas Gursky’s seminal series of photographs of global stock exchanges which he continues to this day. The original inspiration and philosophy for the series derived from the stock market collapses of the late […]

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Long Shot Close Up” (2009)

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Long Shot Close Up” (2009)

Art Documentary / 60 min / 2009 The film is unique in portraying the artist Andreas Gursky and one of his most recent works “Hamm, Bergwerk Ost”. Its path leads from Gursky’s first location viewings to several shootings at the coalmine to the studio where the image is digitally processed and montaged. It follows the […]

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Gursky World” (2002)

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Gursky World” (2002)

A video profile of artist, Andreas Gursky. Director Ben Lewis tries to find out what makes him tick and what it is like to live in “Gursky World”. Original Air Date: 27 September 2002   ASX CHANNEL: Andreas Gursky

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Ein Portrait” (2009)

ASX.TV: Andreas Gursky – “Ein Portrait” (2009) (German)

“Mit dem Sehen, ertrinkt man in dem, was dargestellt wird.” (Werner Spies über Gurskys Bilder). Der grosse Photograph im Gespräch, bei der Vorbereitung und Durchführung einer neuen Arbeit und im Atelier. Mit Kommentaren von Hilla Becher, Werner Spies und Victor Pinchuk (2009, 51 Min.).   ASX CHANNEL: Andreas Gursky


ANDREAS GURSKY: “The Big Picture” (2001)

Swimming Pool, Ratingen, 1987 By Katy Siegel & Alex Alberro, Originally published in Artforum, January 1, 2001 Consuming Vision by Katy Siegel Andreas Gursky makes really big photographs. This is the one thing about his work that everyone can agree on. Why does he do it? The answer seems obvious: to see the big picture, […]