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Garry Winogrand The Animals and Their Keepers: Garry Winogrand and Photography After September 11th Posted on January 4, 2013March 30, 2019 by The ASX Team  from The Animals @ the Estate of Garry Winogrand   Winogrand disdained those who treated photographs not as photographs but as an extension of painting.   The Animals and Their […]


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Andreas Gursky – ‘From a World’s Spirit’s Eye View’ (2007)

As soon as the technique is available, Gursky proceeds to the digital manipulation of the image. By Stefan Beyst INTRODUCTION After the big retrospective in the MoMA 2001, a new big show in the Munich ‘Haus der Kunst’ is dedicated to the photographer whose ’99 cent II Diptychon’ (1999) has recently been auctioned at Sotheby’s […]

Larry Clark: “Death is More Perfect Than Life” (2005)

Untitled (from Tulsa), 1971 Death is More Perfect Than Life: Larry Clark By Jill Conner, Afterimage, May-June, 2005 The conformity that saturated American society in the postwar 1950s created unreal expectations among the population due to the media’s use of advertisements and television shows to portray an orderly lifestyle full of hope and promise within […]

‘Like a One Eyed Cat’, Lee Friedlander – Out of the Cool

Haverstraw, New York, 1966 Friedlander is a photographer, never forget. Although a major photographic artist, he is not an ‘artist utilising photography.’ He uses the camera, that unthinking machine, to transcribe his visual perceptions of the world. Out of the Cool – Lee Friedlander at the V&A By Gerry Badger, from Creative Camera (1991) ‘That […]