The Blood of Christ, Transformation and Worship in the Work of Dominic Hawgood

  LORD YES!!!! FIRE FIRE FIRE BREATHE IN!!!!! The CHILDREN OF GOD AWAIT YOUR PURIFICATION. FIRE FIRE FIRE   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, February 2015 A tongue too engorged with the blood of Christ to fit into the mouths of children left bent, palpitating and writhing on the carpeted floor. There is a cleric steering […]

An Elegiac Response to the Ghost of Surrealist Decadence in the Work of Paul Kooiker

This is where our shared habits meet concrete. All the possessions accumulated, obsessions sought and tendered in the infernal light of my psychic affairs have led me into the unforeseen garden of these earthly delights.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, February 2015 August, 1935 This is where our shared habits meet concrete. All the possessions […]

Slicing, Splicing and Dicing in ‘The Bungalow’

I could lament on a narrative that these images might convey – a sort of comment on the very conception of human life, of birth and rebirth and memory and the way each of us will find a different meaning for these images – but that would, I feel, be missing the point.   By […]

Tony Oursler’s ‘template/variant/friend/stranger’ at Lisson Gallery

VIE, 2014 Wood, mounted photo print, monitors and media player 262 x 192 x 58 cm   The pantomime of big brother and the historical imperative to map individuality of the face for data usage comes at a time when our rights towards privacy and state sponsored collecting of data become a Orwellian theatre of […]

Undigestible Dreams of America – Alec Soth ‘Songbook’

 “If today I look back on this morning, then I get an image of what I saw this morning. But if tonight, I’m thinking back on this morning, then what I’m really recalling is not the first image, but the first image in memory. So that every time I recall something, I’m not recalling it […]