ASX.TV: “Rebirth Negated by Truant Hope” – Melinda Gibson & Brad Feuerhelm

Brad Feuerhelm

March 2, 2016

I can imagine what it is to wake up in a city like Dresden the morning after being carpet bombed by Allied forces in 1945, and to understand much of what Richard Peter’s Dresden: eine Kamera klagt an may have felt like to create. This book, when I discovered it in Germany in 2004, sent me reeling with inexplicable loss, but also a longing, a desire, to speak and see through that same leveling dust. I couldn’t help it—couldn’t stop the thought that, if I am honest with myself…


Richard Peter
Dresden: eine Kamera klagt an
Dresdener Verlagsgesellschaft
Dresden, Germany, 1949

(All rights reserved.)

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