ASX.TV: An Interview with Todd Hido (2015)

After his visit to EFTI, the American photographer Todd Hido gave us an interview before holding a workshop during the Masters in Contemporary Photography and Personal Projects.


Currently based in San Francisco but born in Ohio, his first assignment was to photograph American houses in residential neighbourhoods. ‘Homes at night’ are occupied homes, portrayed at night and cloistered in mystery due to the muggy haze that incites the act of voyeurism. They are long exposures. The fruition often comes during night car rides in which he leaves without a preconceived idea to capture an invasive and urban photograph that is loaded with the sensation of loneliness and no scape.

Perhaps the logical place to start, would be to get in to those spaces like hotel rooms or childhood spaces, and the next step, joying up characters.

Those spaces are part of his series ‘Interiors’, which relates to what the walls want to make us see. The walls are devoid of all kind of ornamentation and they only show what the author wants us to see or modifications with an objective of installing in us the emptiness, the melancholy and the loneliness that always appears in his work.
His portraits reflect the individuality of social behaviour without an apparent future. With women, that reflects nudity as both psychological and physical between four walls of neutral colours, which emphasise a defeated emotion and a non evident tension.

Todd Hido is probably one of the most recognized photographers of the present day. His work is in museums and institutions all around the world, such as the museums of Berkley, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Ángeles, Boston, George Eastman House, the Guggenheim of New York and a lengthy, etc. He has been awarded by the Fleishhacker Foundation and the Wallace Alex Gerbode Foundation. He has also relieved the Barclay Simpson Award and the best monographic of 2001 award. In his curriculum, he has over 30 solo exhibitions across the United States and part of Europe.

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