ASX.TV – Jim Goldberg Follows a Stranger

Video by Jim Goldberg and Brandon Tauszik
Produced by Sprinkle Lab
Courtesy of the artist and Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York


Eric William Carroll: Chicken
(Inspired by Jim Goldberg)
“Choose a person, preferably a stranger, to make a portrait of. After securing their permission, begin photographing them. Ask them to try a few poses, move the camera around, suggest a different location. Never stop photographing. If/when the subject becomes visibly irritated, snap the shutter at an even faster pace. Fake technical problems to prolong the session for as long as possible. The only rule is that you cannot choose to stop photographing—the subject must [tell] you that they no longer wish to have any more pictures made. Bonus points for those who get a model release signed post-shoot.”

The Photographer’s Playbook, Aperture 2014



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