ASX.TV: Sophie Ristelhueber – ‘Fait’ #TateShots

TateShots talks to photographer Sophie Ristelhueber about her work ‘Fait’, on show as part of Tate Modern’s ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ exhibition.

In the summer of 1991, six months after the first Gulf War, Sophie Ristelhueber travelled to Kuwait and became obsessed by the traces the war left in the desert. In her artwork ‘Fait’ she documents “the wounds that we inflict on earth” through war.

‘Fait’, which means ‘done’ or ‘fact’ in French, purposefully confuses the viewer’s eye by obscuring the depth of field of each photograph. Even with all the technology we have now, when it comes to war “in a way we see nothing”, says Ristelheuber.

See the exhibition:

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