In a career that spanned more than four decades, Carlo Mollino designed buildings, homes, furniture, cars, aircraft. One of the most dashing figures of mid-century Italy, Mollino was famed for his design finesse and his elegant organicism. In 1949 he published an important book on photography: Message from the Darkroom. Sometime around 1960, he began to seek out women—mostly dancers—in his native Turin, inviting them to his villa for late-night modeling sessions. The models would pose against extraordinary backdrops, designed by Mollino, in clothing, wigs and accessories that he had carefully selected. Finally, having printed the Polaroids, Mollino would painstakingly amend them with an extremely fine brush, to at- tain his idealized vision of the female form. The 1200 pictures remained a secret until after his death, in 1973.


(All rights reserved. Images @ The Estate of Carlo Mollino.)

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  1. I actually found this Book NEW in Brisbane Australia in a “Budget Bookstore” I payed $8 for it. My only regret was I did not grab the other 5 copies they had. Obviously I had no idea how wonderful it was until I took a look through it that night. Iwoke up early and was waiying for the store to open … I ran to the table and asked the girl about the red books on the table ? she replied ” someone grabbed all of them late last night”. I still had no idea at the time who the photographer was I just thought it was something special.

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