ASX.TV: David Goldblatt – “After Photojournalism. What’s next?” (2012)

Spotkanie z Davidem Goldblattem. Prowadzenie Adam Mazur. David Goldblatt (ur. 1930) jest jednym z najwybitniejszych współczesnych fotografów-dokumentalistów. Na zapis zmian zachodzących w Republice Południowej Afryki, tworzony przezeń od sześćdziesięciu jeden lat z perspektywy zaangażowanego uczestnika wydarzeń, składają się zasadnicze dla historii fotografii książki i wystawy.

The Social Mosaic Attempted: The Photographs of August Sander (2004)

 Social class stands before us in all its detail and specificity.   By Clare Hurley, December, 2004 “People of the Twentieth Century”: August Sander’s Photographic Portrait of Germany, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, May 25—September 19, 2004 A selection of 150 photographs from August Sander’s People of the Twentieth Century [Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts] […]

Andreas Gursky – ‘From a World’s Spirit’s Eye View’ (2007)

As soon as the technique is available, Gursky proceeds to the digital manipulation of the image. By Stefan Beyst INTRODUCTION After the big retrospective in the MoMA 2001, a new big show in the Munich ‘Haus der Kunst’ is dedicated to the photographer whose ’99 cent II Diptychon’ (1999) has recently been auctioned at Sotheby’s […]

ASX.TV: Ricardo Cases – “Belleza de barrio” (2011)

RICARDO CASES Belleza de barrio Del 07 de septiembre al 06 de octubre. Sala Cai Luzán // Paseo Independencia Nº10 Se habla mucho del canon de belleza, de los estándares, y cuando se habla de ella se está hablando en realidad de un estilo oficial, único, con referentes impuestos desde las revistas. Pero finalmente la […]

ASX.TV: Hellen van Meene – “Interview” (2011)

Facing the future: Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene talking about the tension between economic hard times for photographers and the growing interest in photography. At the Day of Photography organized by Dutch photo agency Hollandse Hoogte in Amsterdam, Oct 21st, 2011.

ASX.TV: Rancho Aparte – “Barrios, Beats and Blood” (2011)

Barrios Beats and Blood Drug war and hip hop in Ciudad Juárez A documentary film by Ioan Grillo and John Dickie Featuring Belzebú, Axer Kamikaze, Muser, Sock, Niser and Chronik Music by Street Ink Records and Next Level Records Selected in Morelia and San Diego Film Festivals.

LARRY CLARK: “Death is More Perfect Than Life” (2005)

Untitled (from Tulsa), 1971 Death is More Perfect Than Life: Larry Clark By Jill Conner, Afterimage, May-June, 2005 The conformity that saturated American society in the postwar 1950s created unreal expectations among the population due to the media’s use of advertisements and television shows to portray an orderly lifestyle full of hope and promise within […]