ASX.TV: Roger Ballen – “Interview” (2010)

In November 2010, one small seed TV met up with Roger Ballen for an enlightening one-on-one. Here we found out more about his time spent at the Boarding House, and took a closer look at his photographs. Three photographs that Roger Ballen discusses in this onesmallseed TV exclusive are ‘Pathos’ (2005), ‘Mimicry’ (2005) and ‘The Boarding House’ (2008). Part-comical, part-theatrical and ultimately impenetrable, Boarding House showcases images that provoke and make us question everything we see. Roger Ballen cultivates some highly compelling conversation about the blur between fiction and reality, and how it is represented and then interpreted. Discover what he had to say in this captivating one small seed team in this exclusive.

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