HALLY PANCER: “America 1986-1990″

Christmas Day in Milledgeville, Georgia, 1986-1990

The blacktop, it’s cracked and your heart beats a-flowin’… open road blisters peal off and your goin’, patriot eye’s – shit covered in flies, lay back in the chevy and look at the skies.

Big damn breath-stealing skies & American hearts-American eyes.

Out there the young one’s, the old one’s, the black one’s and the cold one’s. The broken one’s and the gold one’s, white one’s and the bold one’s. Red and yellow – brown and mellow. Hollowed-out bones and melancholy tones. And the hope-filled-heroes. The tricksters-the greasers-the dreamers and the killers. Every one of ‘em out there. Even them cowboys, bikers & Mexicanos.

Lounge Singer, New Haven, Connecticut, 1986-1990

American smells & American yells.

American-fringe and desert-heat singe, dirt in your palms, cheeseburger binge, the red wind howls – feel your grease soaked bowels. Coca Cola sugar in moustache lips – gunpowder stains on black finger tips, boots in the sand… dust on the land, rattlesnake bites – hot star filled nights.

Locals and yokels and them army men with big guns… American one’s.

The stereo’s ringin’, the King is a-singin’, the kids are a-blingin’, teary eyes are a-stingin’, fryin’ pans are a-flingin’. Red-white-blue-fury, the past gettin’ blurry, police in a hurry, white men on a jury. Their heart-pride pounds to help block out the sounds. Them bodies are achin’ – the ends are not makin’.

A big ol’ land…

And all them normal folks makin’ it grand.

Hally Pancer’s America


Doug Rickard





ASX CHANNEL: Hally Pancer

(Text @ Doug Rickard, All images © Hally Pancer)

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