MAX HAIDACHER: “Order, Harmony, Beauty, Shape, Form”


Maximilian Haidacher can’t stop himself.

He tries to… yes, at times he tries. Occasionally he deviates from his path and he brings something living into the scene… a wolf-dog from a childhood dream, something human emanting from the mist, the living floating in the water… but, then he goes back to what drives him, he returns to his urge. Yes, of course he thinks about humans, he sees them everywhere, he lives with them, he loves them… he is alive… yes, he thinks-he lives-he loves-he is alive. But when he picks up his camera, when he explores, when he uses his equipment, these artist-craftsman tools to fulfill his urge to create… to make something… Maximilian sees in angles, he sees in lines, he is drawn like a magnet to form… it is outside of his control.. for this is his love. He is pulled with the force of gravity to find shape, he is compelled to turn shape into beauty… he is intent to bring beauty out from order, organize the shapes in the fog… organize them into something special. He breathes in geometry, he finds his satisfaction in lines… his senses are keen, his mind is fresh, his pleasure is fulfilled… he goes out for more. The emptiness-the abandonment-the mechanical-the metal… the shapes-the lines-the symmetry-the form. Yes, this is his arena, this is his mantra… this is Maximilian’s domain. In the concrete and gravel – his passion… in the steel and glass – his expertise… in the organization of form – his mark. There is a feeling that the humans were here, these things were built, that these things did not just appear or grow organically… but somehow… the humans just don’t matter, they are beside the point… they just simply fade.

Emptiness, abandonment and beauty… in shape-in color-in form… in mood-in balance… in harmony. This is what remains…. this is what is created. This is what Maximilian loves. And… it is good.


Doug Rickard

MAXIMILIAN HAIDACHER, a student at University of Linz, will receive his BA in Photography in the Spring of 2009, will be having a solo exhibition in New York at Melanie Flood Projects in October 2008. He has previously had solo exhibitions at Galerie Unterhaus in Passau, Germany (2007) and an upcoming exhibition at this December at Kunstraum Grünerhund in Berlin (2008). In 2008 his work was featured in several group shows including: “Best off ‘08” Kunstuniversität in Linz, Austria, Künstlergilde Salzkammergut in Gmunden, Austria, and Regionalmuseum Cesky in Krumlov, Czech Republic.

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