ASX.TV: Helmut Newton – “Mein Leben (My Life)” (2002)

He is the most famous german photographer of the world – Helmut Newton. The mixture of erotic, luxury and obscenity in his photography is responsible for his fame. His pictures for VOGUE were a revolution in fashion photography. Gero von Boehm was able to produce a very intimate, funny and sumptuous portrait on Newton.

Born in Berlin 1920 the son of a german button factory owner bought his first camera at the age of twelve. He was influenced by fashion magazines, by the iconography of Nazi propaganda and by cinema which he was addicted to. He had to leave Germany 1938 for Singapoore, Australia and London. Finally he moved to Paris where he started his extraordinary career at the VOGUE magazine.

Gero von Boehm, author and director of the film, visited Helmut Newton in Monte-Carlo and Los Angeles. He walked with him through the public parc of Berlin-Schöneberg where Newton played as a child and he captured some nice anecdotes of his life. Newton speaks about his childhood, about his family and about his obsession – that’s what he calls photography.

The film is a very intimate, funny and sumptuous portrait of the most famous photographer of our times.


ASX CHANNEL: Helmut Newton

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