ASX.TV: Maru Ituarte – “NOA NOA Narco Tour” (2003)

NOA NOA Narco Tours, 2003
DVD/ NSTC/ 5’02
By Maru Ituarte

In the documented fiction Noa Noa Narco Tours the subject of collective memory in construction of meaning and cultural identity is approached through the problematic of the unsolved murders of more than 365 women Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, during the past 12 years.

During the last decade, the unsolved murders of more than 365 women in Cd. Juarez have called the attention of human rights activists, feminists, sociologists, psychologists, politicians ,the FBI and of lately, even American tourists. Despite the public attention, and the several existing theories that attempt to explain what Amnisty Interational has come to reffer to as a « gendercide », the problem seems to grow unrestrained in an accumulating number of female victims.

Based on the information retained by separately questioning two parking lot guardians, an American tourist, and a women’s rights activist, on this matter (all of whose ideas have undoubtedly been influenced as much by local rumors as by the recent media attention surrounding the actual events), Noa Noa Narco Tours attempts to explore the mediatized role of the victim by composing a possible scenario of the events surrounding a new hypothetical victim: the artist herself.

Noa Noa Narco Tours has been shown in the Bienal de Monterrey FEMSA, Monterrey, Mexico, 2003. “Peluche/Fake Fur” under the curatorial concept of Marco Granados, in the Centro de las Artes, Monterrey, Mexico, 2003.

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