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Cataloging Desire and a Reluctant But Necessary Eulogy in ‘Russian Interiors’

Cataloging Desire and a Reluctant But Necessary Eulogy in ‘Russian Interiors’   By Brad Feurehelm, ASX, December 2014 Andy Rochelli’s “Russian Interiors” is first and foremost a beautifully realized book by Cesura Publishing. The tactile quality of the raised floral cover and the lifted font make the book a very desirable object to own. The […]


Camilo Jose Vergara on Looking at the World Trade Center

View from abandoned pier, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1970.   “All of a sudden you would look around 360 degree angle, and there was the Trade Center.”   Transcript excerpt from New York: The Center of the World, PBS WGBH American Experience Looking at the World Trade Center What was magical for me was that […]


Larry Clark on Cutting through the Bullshit and Hypocrisy of America (2007)

Cover of Tulsa (1963-1971) by Larry Clark   “People like Robert Frank inspired me. But I was really influenced more by people like Lenny Bruce.”   By Raphaël Cuir, Art Press, August 2007 A year ago, seven short films by Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Marco Brambilla, Sam Taylor-Wood and Larry Clark were […]

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Werner Amann’s “Surf Fiction” and the Nature of the Game.

  We spend merciless hours absorbing film, video, and internet collateral. Amann’s greatest trick with this book is to play on the nature of this game.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, December 2014 Werner Amann’s “Surf Fiction” has landed in my lap at a time when I have been searching for a body of work […]


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Diane Arbus and the Gaze that Mocks our Mere Curiosity

A young man in curlers at home on West 20th Street, N.Y.C, 1966 Notice how powerfully her subjects gaze, with an intensity that mocks our mere curiosity.   By Richard Rodriguez, transcript from PBS News Hour, December 2003 Diane Arbus is as famous as any American photographer of the last 50 years and more notorious […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Surface Tensions: Judith Butler on Diane Arbus” (2004)

Two men dancing at a drag ball, N.Y.C. 1970. By Judith Butler, ArtForum, February, 2004 The Diane Arbus exhibition “Revelations,” currently (2004) showing at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is not difficult to attend. The crowds that circled the block to see the major Marc Chagall exhibition earlier this fall are now quite […]


REVIEW: “Untitled by Diane Arbus” (1996)

Untitled by Diane Arbus, New York, Aperture 1995 By Elsa Dorfman Originally published in The Women’s Review of Books, January 1996 Best known for her portraits of people who live on the margins of society – giants, midgets, freaks, transvestites, nudists – Diane Arbus is an undisputed master of photography. Her work is in every […]


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ASX INTERVIEW: Broomberg & Chanarin “Divine Violence” (2013)

Brad Feuerhelm interviews Broomberg & Chanarin for ASX, April 2013 Brad Feuerhelm: I wanted to start off with a question about the forthcoming book project with Mack. I believe it is a Bible (king James?) that has had a photographic intervention… and perhaps a bit different than Francis Frith’s 19th century intervention as it plays […]


SCOT SOTHERN: “Follow Your Hard-On: An Interview with Scot Sothern” (2013)

Follow Your Hard-On: An Interview with Scot Sothern By Paul Kwiatkowski Photographer Scot Sothern’s debut memoir Curb Service empathetically captures the pathos of an aspiring provocateur adrift in contemporary America. Beginning in the 1980s, the book recounts Scot’s initial drive to photograph prostitutes and his path to single fatherhood on the skids. The interactions between […]


ASX INTERVIEW: “Antoinette de Jong and Robert Knoth” (2012)

By Paul Loomis exclusively for ASX, Interview conducted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 Antoinette De Jong and Robert Knoth are the authors of a book called “Poppy: The Trails of Afghan Heroin” that has transformed the way we think about photojournalism.  It doesn’t fall victim to the reporter’s myopia of five hundred word stories three […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with John Divola” (1978)

Zuma Series, 1977     Journal of Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, September 1978 Dialogue with John Divola by Dinah Portner Q. Do you think of photography as a concrete way of dealing with ideas? A. No, it’s not that they are ideas, per se. I see art as a dialogue about experiences and […]

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INTERVIEW: Robert Frank – “Interview at Wellesley College” (1977)

Senior couple in front of Alumni Hall, Chautauqua, New York, 1953 @ Robert Frank An interview with Robert Frank, from one of ten symposiums at Wellesley College 1977 called “Photography within the Humanities”. Robert Frank: I’m just trying to, as they say, find my bearings. But what shall we talk about? I usually talk about the […]

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ASX.TV: Larry Clark – “Chavo” (2011)

ASX.TV: Larry Clark – “Chavo” (2011)

STATEMENT: Artist decided not to give statement. CREDITS: Directed by Larry Clark Executive Producer: Michele Civetta Editor: Alex Blatt A Quintessence Films Production ONEDREAMRUSH is a spark of inspiration that sought to ignite imaginations across the world. The film showcase brought together internationally known filmmakers, artists, futurists and all-around visionaries to produce 42 films on […]



WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Introduction to Ancient and Modern” (1992)

from Ancient and Modern William Eggleston: Introduction to Ancient and Modern By Mark Holborn William Eggleston was driving with the writer Stanley Booth from Georgia to Tennessee. It was 1978 and Eggleston had acquired an early Kodak instant camera. He started to photograph out of the window of the car and pointed the camera at […]




YOSUKE YAMAHATA: “Nagasaki Journey: The Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata” (1996)

Nagasaki Journey: The Photographs of Yosuke Yamahata By David L. Jacobs, Afterimage, Summer, 1996 Where adults see grays, young children seem able to recognize and deal with death with disarming aplomb. They are drawn to the look and feel of death, and want to explore it as avidly as their own sexuality. Charles Dickens’s Little Nell […]

Under the El at the Bowery, New York, c. 1950


Under the El at the Bowery, New York, c. 1950 By Berenice Abbott, excerpts from Universal Photo Almanac, 1951 The world today has been conditioned, overwhelmingly, to visualize. The picture has almost replaced the word as a means of communication. Tabloids, educational and documentary films, popular movies, magazines, and television surround us. It almost seems […]

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THOMAS RUFF: “Aesthetic of the Pixel” (2008)

  By David Campany, originally published in IANN magazine No.2, 2008 The photographic art of Thomas Ruff makes very particular demands of us and offers very particular kinds of pleasure, both aesthetic and intellectual. His work seems cold and dispassionate, willful, searching and perverse but at times surprisingly beautiful. Whether he is working with found […]

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INTERVIEW: Fred Herzog – “In His Own Words” (excerpts)

Man with Bandage, 1968 Fred Herzog In His Own Words, from interviews with John Mackie of the Vancouver Sun in June, 2005, and January, 2007 On Photography “Photographic finesse has its place, but it can also get in the way. I was trying to show vitality. The pictures are about content, and more content. And […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Bettie Page” (1998)

Bettie Page by Irving Klaw Transcribed from Nashville Citysearch’s Bettie Page Live Chat, held September 23, 1998 at 8:00 PM Karen Essex (moderator): Welcome! My name is Karen Essex. I’m sitting here with Bettie – she’s excited to get started. I wrote Bettie Page, The Life of a Pin-Up Legend. Bettie, why don’t you say […]

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REVIEW: Christopher Wool – “East Broadway Breakdown” (2003)

By Devon Rye The harsh light of a flash firing out of a small camera tends to turn pictures of almost anything into “ugly” at nighttime. As objects are cruelly lit up and dark shadows cast it feels like you are viewing via the eyes of a homicide investigator behind a taped off crime scene. […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Roy Stryker” (1972)

Edited transcript of a lengthy 1972 interview with Stryker. Conducted by Robert J. Doherty, F. Jack Hurley, Jay M. Kloner, and Carl G. Ryant. R: Could you tell us just briefly about your background before you went to Washington in the thirties? Now, let’s see. After I got out of high school, I started to […]


JIM GOLDBERG: “Raised By Wolves as a Non-Fictional Multi-Media Narrative”

Destiny’s Shiny Bracelet, 1989 Raised By Wolves as a Non-Fictional Multi-Media Narrative By Sarah Wichlacz “It’s not like you can go home and watch TV.” (Unattributed handwritten quote from “Raised by Wolves” p.46) Jim Goldberg’s Raised by Wolves is purely narrative. It is a story, as true as any story can hope to be; it […]


TODD HIDO: “House Sitting: The Photography of Todd Hido” (1998)

   Hido, lurking with his camera across the street, comes off as a benign but creepy surveillance aficionado, a private eye of domestic disarray.   House Sitting: The Photography of Todd Hido By Andy Grundberg, originally published in Artforum, May 1, 1998 The recent vintage of most California houses doesn’t make them particularly promising settings for […]

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INTERVIEW: “Paul Graham with Richard Woodward” (2007)

Pittsburgh, 2004 Interview with Richard Woodward, New York City, June 2007 RW: Let’s start with this new book, which is actually a series of books, and work backwards. How did the project originate? PG: Well, my principal source was from reading Chekhov’s Short Stories, and the critical essays around those. A lot of people have […]


Shootin’ range traps, “Holy F-K’s” and claps in THE GREAT UNREAL.

  Shootin’ range traps, “Holy F-K’s” and claps in THE GREAT UNREAL.   By Doug Rickard, ASX, March 2010 Into the wind, and the never-ever-end of the great-wide-open beckons… so off you go and it gusts in ear and it whispers, “have no fear”. Down the road you fly… pulled forward as the dust lights […]

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HEIN-KUHN OH: “Americans Them” (1990)

Lancaster, Ohio, 1989 By Hein-Kuhn Oh, April 3, 2000 Speedgraphic Graflex Camera In 1989, in a small camera shop in Columbus, Ohio, I found a used Graflex camera which seemed to be carrying a story of its own. The camera body was covered with so many scars that it made me wonder if its former […]