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ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Interview with Wolfgang Tillmans at Fondation Beyeler” (2014)

ASX.TV: Wolfgang Tillmans – “Interview with Wolfgang Tillmans at Fondation Beyeler” (2014)

The current exhibition of Fondation Beyeler’s collection presents important new acquisitions, including works by the German artist Wolfgang Tillmans. Tillmans was the first photographer to win the Turner Prize (in 2000). In this interview, Wolfgang Tillmans talks about the works on display (among others: Ostgut Freischwimmer, right and Ostgut Freischwimmer, links; Munuwata Sky; Transit of […]

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INTERVIEW: “Inside Andy Warhol’ (1966)

Liz, 1965 @ Andy Warhol Estate Inside Andy Warhol By Sterling McIlhenny and Peter Ray The following interview with Andy Warhol appeared in the men’s magazine, Cavalier, in 1966. To conduct the interview that follows we took our tape recorder to the “Factory,” as Warhol calls his studio, which is located on the fourth floor […]


ASX.TV: Daido Moriyama – “PRINTING SHOW – TKY” (2011)

ASX.TV: Daido Moriyama – “PRINTING SHOW – TKY” (2011)

Aperture Executive Director Chris Boot speaks with Daido Moriyama and Ivan Vartanian about PRINTING SHOW – TKY. Organized by Ivan Vartanian, PRINTING SHOW is a recreation of Daido Moriyama’s 1974 performance of the same name. Following the format of the original performance as closely as possible, in lieu of prints mounted on the gallery walls, […]



DIANE ARBUS: “Arbus’s Box of Ten Photographs” (2003)

“A young family in Brooklyn going for a Sunday outing. Their baby in named Dawn. Their son is retarded.” NYC, 1966 By John Pultz, excerpt from Diane Arbus: Family Albums, 2003 The closest Arbus ever came to producing the “Family Album” was the portfolio A Box of Ten Photographs, which she dated 1970 but first offered […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Essential Mysteries (Excerpt)” (2011)

Untitled (Vineland), 1970-71 By William Todd Schultz, excerpt from An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus, 2011 Essential Mysteries One of photographer Diane Arbus’s first pictures, she says, was of a dog. She was living at the time on Martha’s Vineyard. A big mutt with Weimaraner eyes-gray eyes- arrived every day […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Where Diane Arbus Went” (2005)

A family on their lawn one Sunday in Westchester, N.Y., 1968 Where Diane Arbus Went: A Comprehensive Retrospective, prompts the author to reconsider the short yet powerfully influential career of a photographer whose “fascination with eccentricity and masquerade brought her into an unforeseeable convergence with her era, and made her one of its essential voices. By […]


DIANE ARBUS: “Diane Arbus MoMA Exhibition Wall Label Text” (1972)

By John Szarkowski, Director, Department of Photography, NY MoMA Diane Arbus’s pictures challenge the basic assumptions on which most documentary photography has been thought to rest, for they deal with private rather than social realities, with psychological rather than historical facts, with the prototypical and mythic rather than the topical and temporal. Her photographs record […]

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REVIEW: WILLIAM EGGLESTON – “Sit-In at the Fotomat” (2010)

By Tim Davis For years, Tod Papageorge, the head of the Photography Department at the Yale University School of Art, would begin student critiques of color pictures with the question, “Why color?” Color was an aesthetic choice and Papageorge felt students needed to account for it. Photography, that neat Greek neologism given us by the […]


WILLIAM EGGLESTON: “Introduction to Ancient and Modern” (1992)

from Ancient and Modern William Eggleston: Introduction to Ancient and Modern By Mark Holborn William Eggleston was driving with the writer Stanley Booth from Georgia to Tennessee. It was 1978 and Eggleston had acquired an early Kodak instant camera. He started to photograph out of the window of the car and pointed the camera at […]



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INTERVIEW: “Ryan McGinley” (2007)

Falling Pink Sunset,2006 Ryan McGinley in Conversation with Gerald Matt and Synne Genzmer, September, 2007, Kunsthalle Wien, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln In your photography you take up Nan Goldin’s idea of a visual diary, making portraits of your friends and your own generation. How do you feel about being seen as a successor […]


REVIEW: Daido Moriyama – “Labryinth” (2012)

By Owen Campbell for ASX, February 2014 Life, in Daido Moriyama’s Labyrinth, is a succession of small, dark, dirty spaces that lead nowhere but to each other. There are patterns apparent to those willing to stay inside long enough but they fall short of recursion; they will not lead you out of the Labyrinth or […]


REVIEW: Two Perspectives on Antoine d’Agata’s – “ANTICORPS” at Le Bal (2013)

By Guillaume Blanc, ASX Paris, February 2013 Antoine d’Agata – The drifting mankind With the exhibition Anticorps, Le Bal shows, from 24th January to 14th april 2013, the work of Antoine d’Agata under the form of a monumental installation. The ground floor is conceived as an airlock of acclimatization prior to encountering  the stark violence […]



  By Bernard Cooper, Excerpt from Los Angeles Magazine, March 2002 Sex and work aren’t words you’d use in the same sentence unless you were talking about bad sex or an affair at the office, but they are words that best describe Larry Sultan’s recent photographs of porn shoots in and around the San Fernando […]

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RICHARD AVEDON: “Avedon’s Endgame” (2002)

By Maria Morris Hambourg and Mia Fineman Essay from the exhibition publication, Richard Avedon: Portraits (Harry N. Abrams, New York, 2002) Richard Avedon is a man possessed. Passionate about theater, he may attend the same play week after week, seeking new insight, variant shades of characterization, and changes in his own perceptions. He haunts art […]

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HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON: “A Message from Cartier-Bresson”

New York, 1947 A Message from Cartier-Bresson By Yoshitomo Kajikawa It was autumn, 1996 that I received a letter from Henri Cartier-Bresson urging me to visit Paris. January 13, 1997 – the day I paid my first visit to Cartier-Bresson – proved to be freezingly cold. The great photo-artist’s studio was located on the fifth […]

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INTERVIEW: Andy Warhol – “Modern Myths” (excerpt) (1981)

Jean-Micheal Basquiat This excerpt is from an interview with Andy Warhol, conducted in Warhol’s Factory in 1981, that was originally published in Arts Magazine (October 1981). Barry Blinderman: As a portraitist, what do you feel is most important to express? Andy Warhol: I always try to make the person look good. It’s easier if you […]


PAUL GRAHAM: “End of an Age” (2000)

End of An Age # 34, 1997 By David Levi Strauss, Originally Published in ArtForum, March 2000 Paul Graham’s latest series, “End of an Age,” 1999, consists of forty-nine large color photographs of twenty-somethings hanging out in clubs somewhere in Western Europe or the US (Edinburgh? Munich? Helsinki? New York? Graham refuses to specify). Most […]