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The Blood Red Procession Marches On in the Third City of God

@ Juan Diego Valera There is the stretch of grain, the hint of digital noise, and the ocular insolence of a mouse being lost in the jaws of a snake’s culinary embrace.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, January 2015 The edifice is indeed colossal in the work of Juan Diego Valera. Diente De Chucho (Tooth Pooch) […]

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Tape, Rope, Water, Milk and Bondage in ‘Other Rooms’

Hand in Honey, 1976–77 from Jo Ann Callis: Other Rooms (Aperture, 2014) @ Jo Ann Callis, Courtesy Rose Gallery   The images present a bloodless eroticism, uncanny, simultaneously sexual and absented of desire.   By Owen Campbell, ASX, January 2015 Tanlines, tape, rope, water, milk, Callis shows the way things push against the body and how […]

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Blood and Iron in the Temple of Menses

  “I’ve surely made mistakes in the community, but certainly not in sexuality.” – Otto Muehl   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, January 2015 The Vienna Actionists of 1960’s were interested in the documentation of transgression of the body in art and in society at large. They performed quasi-mystic rituals that were documented in blood and […]

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INTERNET GOTHIC in Doug Rickard’s ‘N.A.’

9zoW9, 2011 @ Doug Rickard   Horrorcore, a sort of contemporary American gothic, with all the inherent inversion of values.   INTERNET GOTHIC and Transcendentalism in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction By Owen Campbell, ASX, January 2015 In the preface of National Anthem Doug Rickard quotes Walt Whitman; in the coda he quotes Woodie Guthrie. […]

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Dust Breeding, But Not On The Butcher’s Floor

Soccer Club’s Fanshop #2 @ Klaus Pichler Small, metaphoric and coincidental sculptures that have been kicked aside and swept back into a mass of entangled matter.     By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, January 2015 It is virtually impossible to begin a review of Klaus Pichler’s latest opus “Dust” for Anzenberger Editions without mentioning “Dust Breeding”(1920), […]


Knowledge of Nazi Terror Fueling Pictorial Banality

  Leafing through Van Der Weijde’s Third Reich (part one of his Bavarian trilogy) one is confronted with Nazi Housing constructed in Bavaria during the National Socialist tenancy of German between 1933-1945.   By Brad Feuerhelm, ASX, January 2015 The Dutch Man of Brazil Erik Van Der Weijde’s seeming pre-occupation with architecture and warfare has […]

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Raymond Pettibon on Zines, Manifest Destiny and Teaching Math (2011)

  “The tracks divided the good and bad parts of town. I wasn’t exactly on the good side. You weren’t encouraged to play around the demarcation lines.”   Interview with Raymond Pettibon By Eric Nelson When I was 15, I became obsessed with Black Flag, playing everything up until “My War” on full blast at […]

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Ed Ruscha on Route 66, Making Books and “Choppy Movement”

Interior view of Every Building on the Sunset Strip by Ed Ruscha     “Yes, which was my–you know, Route 66, I’ve had a great affection for that road because of its connection between the places I’ve been and worked.”     Excerpt from an Oral history interview with Edward Ruscha, 1980 October 29-1981 October 2, […]

ASX.TV: Tyrone Lebon – “Reely and Truly” (2014)

ASX.TV: Tyrone Lebon – “Reely and Truly” (2014)

‘Reely and Truly’ is a new documentary from director Tyrone Lebon. This 30-minute film is an visual poem on contemporary photographers and their practices. Lebon’s intention is for the film to be a photographic object in itself. It is shot on all available celluloid formats (including 65mm, 35mm, super 16mm, 16mm, and super 8mm). The […]


Robert Frank’s “From the Bus” (1958)

  In the summer of 1958, several months before The Americans made its debut in France, Frank began experimenting with moving pictures. But before turning wholeheartedly to filmmaking, he made another series of still photographs, From the Bus. After the unparalleled freedom of the Americans project, Frank vastly restricted his point of view by shooting these […]


Stephen Shore ‘Likes’ Instagram

 from American Surfaces @ Stephen Shore   “They can be one-liners, essentially.” – Stephen Shore   Excerpt from “LIVING TODAY: Stephen Shore’s Internal Revolutions” What has interested me most in the past half-year has been Instagram. For the past couple weeks I’ve been very busy and haven’t posted a lot, but I went for perhaps […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Jeff Wall – The Hole Truth” (2001)

Mimic, 1982 By Jan Tumlir, Originally published in ArtForum, March, 2001 Vancouver, BC – British California, some locals call it, referring no doubt to their city’s ongoing annexation by the Hollywood dream factory. As a matter of fact, Vancouver’s topography and even its temperature are reminiscent of Golden State climes, and there’s that nagging sense […]


INTERVIEW: “Photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia Talks'” (2003)

From A Storybook Life, 2003   “I mean I never took photography to be anything that I considered to be truthful.”   Dorian Devens and Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Transcription of a conversation on The Speakeasy,, 2003 Dorian Devens: How did you get started in photography? Philip-Lorca diCorcia: I was a student in an art college […]

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INTERVIEW: “Oral History Interview with Arthur Rothstein” (1964)

Oral history interview with Arthur Rothstein, 1964 May 25, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Interview with Arthur Rothstein Conducted by Richard Doud In New York, New York May 25, 1964 RICHARD DOUD: This is an interview with Arthur Rothstein in New York City, May 24, 1964. The interviewer is Richard K. Doud. ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN: […]


ASX INTERVIEW: “Antoinette de Jong and Robert Knoth” (2012)

By Paul Loomis exclusively for ASX, Interview conducted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 Antoinette De Jong and Robert Knoth are the authors of a book called “Poppy: The Trails of Afghan Heroin” that has transformed the way we think about photojournalism.  It doesn’t fall victim to the reporter’s myopia of five hundred word stories three […]

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INTERVIEW: “Interview with Glen E. Friedman” (2010)

Jay Adams, Rancho Park, W. Los Angeles, CA, May 1978 “So my advice is if you really love (art) keep doing it, and if it’s not your life then get the fuck out of it.”   By Daniel Rolnik, November 2010   D: You are known for using your Pentax k1000 camera, but what film […]

ASX.TV: Cristina de Middel – “Deutsche Börse Photography Prize” (2013)

ASX.TV: Cristina de Middel – “Deutsche Börse Photography Prize” (2013)

Cristina De Middel (b.1975, Spain) is nominated for her publication The Afronauts (self-published, 2011). In her first book The Afronauts, De Middel engages with myths and truths, reality and fiction. In 1964, after gaining independence, Zambia started a space programme in order to send the first African astronaut to the moon. In The Afronauts, De […]

Dealy Plaza, Dallas, November 22 1963Red Coat

INTERVIEW: Dan Solomon – “Witness” (2013)

  WITNESS, an installation by Dan Solomon, In conjunction with ICP’s exhibit “JFK November 22: A Bystander’s View of History. Interview by Raphael Shammaa, November 2013 Shortly before 9:00 AM on November 23rd, as New Yorkers prepare to settle at their desks for the day, I meet with Dan Solomon for a tour of his photographic […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Emmet Gowin” (1998)

Edith, 1970 December 1998 – January 1999, Camera Arts Born in 1941, Emmet Gowin grew up in southern Virginia. He began photographing in 1961, at the Richmond Professional Institute, and went on to graduate study at the Rhode Island School of Design. His prints have been exhibited widely and are in the collections of museums […]


INTERVIEW: “Interview with Brett Weston” (1991)

Brett Weston With New Car, 1978 by Martha Casanave Interview with Brett Weston by Steve Anchell, December 3, 1991 – Originally appeared in PhotoPro Magazine, 1992 He has been called a photographers’ photographer. His virtuoso work has been compared in it’s influence to that of Bach, and parallels have been drawn between his life and […]

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E.J. BELLOCQ: “Storyville – The Red Light District of New Orleans”

  First of all, the pictures are unforgettable – photography’s ultimate standard of value.   Introduction text to Bellocq: Photographs from Storyville, the Red-Light District of New Orleans By Susan Sontag First of all, the pictures are unforgettable – photography’s ultimate standard of value. And it’s not hard to see why the trove of glass […]


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GARRY WINOGRAND: “Garry Winogrand, Public Eye” (1981)

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1958 By Pepe Karmel Photography critics raised on the classical elegances of Stieglitz and Cartier-Bresson still consider Garry Winogrand’s photographs haphazard snapshots, mach as 19th century academic critics saw the first Impressionist canvases as mere sketches, lacking the finish, composition and clear drawing essential to “good” pictures. To neoclassical photography critics, Winongrand’s […]

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ASX INTERVIEWS ANTOINE D’AGATA – “A Simple Desire to Exist” (2014)

@ Antoine d’Agata, Courtesy Magnum Photos and International Center of Photography Antoine D’Agata. A simple desire to exist.   A conversation with Raphael Shammaa,.Translated from French. New York, February 7, 2014 Raphael Shammaa: How do you feel discussing your work and being asked a lot of personal questions? You must have known from the start that, […]


Diane Arbus MoMA Exhibition Wall Label Text (1972)

    She was not a theorist but an artist. Her concern was not to buttress philosophical questions but to make pictures.   By John Szarkowski, Director, Department of Photography, NY MoMA Diane Arbus’s pictures challenge the basic assumptions on which most documentary photography has been thought to rest, for they deal with private rather […]

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REVIEW: Joel Sternfeld – “American Prospects” (2012)

Canyon Country, California, June, 1983 The Dreams of Some By Paul Loomis, December, 2012 It is written in the Torah that God’s name cannot be spoken. The name’s banned status signifies the indescribable power of a God so great that one cannot draw close, and there is a related concept present in Joel Sternfeld’s American […]

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AUGUST SANDER: “August Sander – A Profile of the People” (2002)

Young Farmers, 1914 By Hans-Michael Koetzle In 1910, August Sander began a systematic attempt to portray and typologize his fellow countrymen. The project, undertaken wholly at his own initiative and expense, found support only among his painter friends in the Rhineland area of Germany. His book Antlitz der Zeit was outlawed and partially destroyed by […]


INTERVIEW: “Is Richard Prince a Feminist? & Interview with the Photographer” (1993)

    Is Richard Prince a Feminist? – Includes Interview with the Photographer By Carol Squiers, Brian Wallis, Art in America, November, 1993 Two recent exhibitions by Richard Prince have elicited ire from critics who claim that many of his depictions – of self-styled “biker chicks,” various unknown actresses and the young Brooke Shields – […]

ASX.TV: Ed Ruscha – “TateShots” (2013)

ASX.TV: Ed Ruscha – “TateShots” (2013)

Ed Ruscha’s exploration of language and American West Coast culture centred on Hollywood has made him one of the pre-eminent artists of his generation. Since the early 1960s he has channelled his fascination with words and the act of communication into books, print-making, photography, drawing and painting. TateShots went to meet him at his studio […]

ASX.TV: Alec Soth – “Summer Nights at the Dollar Tree” (2012)

ASX.TV: Alec Soth – “Summer Nights at the Dollar Tree” (2012)

Alec Soth encountered Robert Adams’s 1985 monograph Summer Nights as a young photographer, and the book was, in his words, a “gateway drug” to the “harder stuff” in Adams’s body of work. When asked to participate in Aperture Remix, an exhibition for which artists were commissioned to create new work in response to Aperture publications […]

Film Director William Klein, 1968

INTERVIEW: “Mister Freedom – An Interview with William Klein” (2008)

Mister freedom: An Interview with William Klein By Jared Rapfogel, Cineaste, September 22, 2008 Though he made films with great regularity for a full four decades, characterizing William Klein’s position in the cinematic firmament is a tricky endeavor, thanks partly to the unusual paths his life has taken, and partly to his own creative restlessness […]

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DIANE ARBUS: “Flirt, Flash & Mirror” (2013)

A husband and wife in the woods at a nudist camp, N.J., 1963  FLIRT, FLASH & MIRROR By Anna Solal Translated by Chris Farmer, 2013 I saw this show a few months ago in Berlin but it took some time to fully digest it. This dense retrospective of Diane Arbus’ photographs is a fine occasion […]

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Rosalind Solomon” (2003),

INTERVIEW: “Interview with Rosalind Solomon” (2003)

Mother, Daughter and Maid, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1988 By Steven Watson RS: I used to feel that I should not discuss my experiences. I wanted the pictures to be judged as images only, but now I feel that it is important for me to share as much as I can. I never felt as though […]